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  1. rawrrediffer86

    4bt swap what auto Trans can I use?

    Okay so I picked up a 4bt ve pump for my 97 ranger this weekend. I'm just trying to figure out what auto Trans I can use. I'm trading the Chevy adapter plate for a Ford one. So I need to figure out what Trans will work... help please!?
  2. rawrrediffer86

    Hey yall! ;)

    Who here Is from Illinois? I'm ranger girl here just wondering who is from my neck of the woods :) here's my baby. :)
  3. rawrrediffer86

    Dana 44

    Thank you just making sure. :) Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  4. rawrrediffer86

    Hey everyone! :)

    Alright I know I've already introduced myself. You all might know me. From the Facebook page danger rangers :) I'm ranger girl :) haha. But I just wanna show you all what how my baby is looking so far! :) just picked up a 79 f150 too. Sas here I come! :) Some more info: It's a 97 with the 4.0...
  5. rawrrediffer86

    Dana 44

    I know I just wanna make sure I can still drive it legally. I know they will work & I like the wider look I'm just idk. I'm gonna do it. Just making sure I'm not crazy Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  6. rawrrediffer86

    Dana 44

    Hey I'm doing a sas on my 97 ranger I was reading that I can use a Dana 44 & a 9 in but if it comes out of a 79 f150 won't the axles be way to wide. Please help! :) Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  7. rawrrediffer86

    Hey everyone! :)

    Names kristin. I go by ranger girl tho. I got a 97 ranger. It's not your normal truck. Haha. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  8. rawrrediffer86

    Finally lifted my 97 ranger. :)

    6in skyjackee lift. :) hell ya! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  9. rawrrediffer86

    hey yall! :)

    Names Kristin nice to meet yall! I drive a 97 ranger xlt 4x4 with the 4.0 :) just thought I'd introduce myself! :)
  10. rawrrediffer86

    difference in axles

    What's the difference in the rear axles of a 8.8 3.73 97 ranger & 8.8 3.73 98 ranger? Need to know I have 99 at the junkyard I work at & was just wondering cause I blew out my gears in mine & just wanna swap trying to figure out the difference cause interchange says 93-97 only. Is it the...
  11. rawrrediffer86

    humming noise

    so I changed my brakes to disc & now when I hit 30-40 it hums real bad only when Im on the gas. I thought maybe u joints or barrings but what else could it be! please help!
  12. rawrrediffer86

    bored girly here..

    im bored. & searching the forum trying to figure out what else to do to my baby. :)
  13. rawrrediffer86

    Factory window tint?

    Anyone know where I can get the factory window tint for my 97 ranger? I wanna do the front two windows like the rear & side glass. Please & thank you! :)
  14. rawrrediffer86

    Doing work son.

    So I work at a junkyard. & its sad the trucks that come in. the other day someone tried junking a MINT 80s ranger. i about cried. hah. just had to vent. working at the bone yard sucks somedays. :(
  15. rawrrediffer86

    Hey Yall :D

    Hey im new to this forum, just trying to see what i can do to my ranger! :D I wanna make it big. im sick of people telling me my ranger isnt a real truck & its for prissy girls. im gonna show them i aint no priss. i just picked up a skyjacker 6in lift for it at the bone yard for 90 bucks! :) so...
  16. rawrrediffer86

    transfer case swap?

    okay i have a 97 ranger 4.0 automatic tranny & i have the switch activated transfer case. i was wondering how hard is it to switch to a lever actualted transfer case? any ideas? would be gratually appreciated. i already have the manual locking hubs.
  17. rawrrediffer86

    solid axle swap

    What's the easiest way to put a jeep front solid axle in.?
  18. rawrrediffer86

    Grand Cheerokee Coil Springs.

    I have a 97 4wd ranger & I wanna add a cheap lift. I heard that grand Cherokees have a 2in coil spring. I was wondering of you could use them or not. :)

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