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  1. CountryBoy704

    camber bushings and snap rings

    Hi all I have a new set of adjustable camber bushings going into the truck this weekend hopefully. In reading here and in the measly directions they come with a snap ring is mentioned that goes in between the two pieces, I guess to keep the inner one from rotating? anyways my bushings did not...
  2. CountryBoy704

    Is my crank sleeved?

    working on rear main seal in my '94 4.0 There seems to be a thin metal flange that is bent over and covering maybe half of the seal closest to the crank. It is definitely not part of the seal, is this a sleeve? if so I'm gonna have to order a seal thats made for a sleeve right? Also I'm gonna...
  3. CountryBoy704

    Hot air through vents with fan off

    If I have the AC off and the vent selector to anything BUT off, I'll get a good bit of hot air coming through the vents which seems to stop when the truck stops. So I think I'm pushing engine bay air into my vents somehow? AC is definitely one of my weak points, anyone know where to start looking?
  4. CountryBoy704

    weird vibration

    Hi all, working on a '94 extended cab 4.0 5speed 2wd A VERY pronounced vibration is going on only when I am accelerating and generally at lower rpm's, all gears. It goes away if I let off the gas or push in the clutch and does not happen when engine braking I just replaced the driveshaft...
  5. CountryBoy704

    Twist in coil spacers

    yeah I know they're a bad idea I just bought a new to me ranger '94 2wd 4.0 ex cab :yahoo: It's got FOUR of those metal "crank in between the coils and hope for the best" inserts in each front spring. Anyone know about how much lift that would have netted me? I'm hoping I can throw a washer...
  6. CountryBoy704

    Couple simple lift fab questions

    So I'm gathering stuff to fab a lift for my TTB D35 I'm thinking that if I were to get my lift coils in, set 'er down, jack the beam ends to the ideal 1'' above centerline and build drop brackets to that exact point I would not have to drop an extra 60+ bucks on the extra-eccentric alignment...
  7. CountryBoy704

    where is the eec relay located in a 88 ford Ranger 2.9 4x4

    Yeah I think the brown one is EEC, green is fuel pump, and a black one is buried in there for WOT cut off.
  8. CountryBoy704

    More brake problems

    So I just replaced my brake master cylinder and booster today, bled the crap out of the system and getting no bubbles out at the wheels. The pedal is still soft like butter, if I crank the truck up the pressure from the booster sucks the pedal all the way to the floor. I'm guessing this means I...
  9. CountryBoy704

    brake master cylinder

    brake master cylinder-continued! booster question I'm pretty sure my master is sucking air through a hairline crack and needs replacement. I have an 8.8 out back so since I'm replacing the master anyways I'd like to put a 4 wheel disk brake master in. Looking at the '95 and up ranger/explorer...
  10. CountryBoy704

    Brakes not working after swap

    Just completed an m5od swap (read pedals,column,and booster were removed and re-installed), also before the swap the truck had been just sitting for over a year. It's running again and the brakes don't work worth a darn, I bled the whole system extensively and I get pretty good pressure built up...
  11. CountryBoy704

    No power to fuel pump

    Just recently completed an m5od swap ('97m5 for '87a4ld) and trying to get the ol girl to crank up. The pump is not cutting on with the key in run position. I've replaced the fuel pump and eec relays, bypassed the inertia switch, checked and cleaned the connections at the pump. The pump runs if...
  12. CountryBoy704

    M5OD swap starter wiring issue

    Putting a '97 4.0 M5OD into an '87 auto 2.9 ranger. I have the tranny installed and bypassed the NSS by cutting off the 5 pin plug and crossing all the wires...yes my reverse lights are on by thats an easy remedy later. So I'm having trouble with the starter wiring as the '97 starter introduced...
  13. CountryBoy704

    Hey guys I'm back! tranny question

    So I've been inactive for probably over a year now, the old a4ld ate the dirt and I am just now getting the funds to get a new one after buying a lemmon last fall. Also am VERY tired of driving my primer grey camry/terd. :D I am hoping to swap it over to a manual and am going scrapyard hunting...
  14. CountryBoy704

    a4ld governor, which do I need?

    Looking at wittrans.com there are several governor bodies that they sell, anyone know how to identify which one I have? It refers to a small land on a valve being different sizes and to having 1, 2, or 3 grooves in the valve, what valve is being referenced here?
  15. CountryBoy704


    Putting in a new solenoid while the vb is off, its for an '85 a4ld. Was looking to order it from whatever it takes transmission parts online but they have two that are offered, one is $20 and the other $160, no other info is given on them, anyone know why one would be so much more? Or is the...
  16. CountryBoy704

    94 honda ignition

    was running fine then next morning nothing, no sounds no starter clicking just no response. Battery tests fine and the car starts and runs when you bar across the starter leads so I'm now entirely lost, theres an electrical issue somewhere between the key cylinder and the starter any ideas where...
  17. CountryBoy704

    a4ld governor type?

    I was going to upgrade the governor weight to the 35mm one and figured why not do the governor itself while its apart but these guys have a ton of different versions of it. https://www.wittrans.com/SchematicParts.aspx?Transmission=A4LD/4R44E/4R55E/5R55E&LinkCode=680 Is there a way to tell...
  18. CountryBoy704

    What should I do?

    it could definitely be diet related especially if mom is feed her weird shit all the time, sounds like something that even a doctor would want to have blood tests and stuff to diagnose properly
  19. CountryBoy704

    wheel question

    So I'm looking at a great deal on some lightly used 33" boggers. Would an 8 or 10 inch wide wheel do better off-road? (I'll have stock wheels/tires for normal driving) I know people do the 8" width and 4" backspace a lot and that works well but if I got a 10" wide wheel would I have to...
  20. CountryBoy704

    opinions on a truck

    lookin at buying a truck tonight, its a '98 mazda B with a 2002 ranger 4banger and tranny in it. The truck has about 240k and the engine 90k, he wants $1500 for it. Sounds like a good deal to me I was just looking for other opinions, mostly if there are any known problems with the engine...

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