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  1. Blacksmith1

    Minor Fuel Line Leak.

    Its a 96 with close to a quater million miles on it. Just need it to run a bit longer
  2. Blacksmith1

    Minor Fuel Line Leak.

    Its spurting a bit from a return line on the frame, aft of the fuel filter. Is there a way to safely patch this plastic line?
  3. Blacksmith1

    aerostar 4.0 in explorer, will it work?

    The explorer is a 94, the Aerostar is a 92. Both are 4.0. I remember reading on this forum a few years ago that the opinion was there was some differences that would be an issue. I'm thinking that if I use the bare engine from my van and all the under hood goodies from the explorer it should...
  4. Blacksmith1

    fuel pump question?

    is the in tank fuel pump on a 92 areostar the same pump as the 92 ranger? I want to replace just the pump but the site I found for it doesn't list the areostar...
  5. Blacksmith1

    92 won't start possible fuel prob.

    first off it's an aerostar 4.0 auto, I can get it to run but only if the fuel pump powers up, and trips the relay. most of the time it just sits, and whines, and will not start. if it starts, I can drive it around, and sometimes shut it off, and restart it. other times it won't fire at all, or...
  6. Blacksmith1

    are all IRS axles for the explorer the same?

    My neighbor has an 04 which has a broken gear(s) in the rear. she just want's it running so she can trade it in. I figure the cheapest fix is a trip to the junkyard. so which years fit? and do i need to watch for gearing differences?
  7. Blacksmith1

    need some info about seating in an explorer

    I have 4 kids and the wife wants me to give up the aerostar. it seats 7. I have seen an explorer that has 3 rows of seats. is this speacial order? what years have them? How many passengers do the carry?
  8. Blacksmith1

    trans swap auto to manual...in an aerostar

    I have a 92 4.0 a4ld aerostar. I'm tired of the problems with the auto trans in this thing. I figure if i put a manual trans in then the wife will stop telling me to junk it. I need to know what years came with a clutch pedal so I can get one. then it just a matter of geting a 5 speed from a...
  9. Blacksmith1


    been a few years since I was last here. Still have the same 87 ranger and the 92 aerostar. where did the Aerostar section go? :icon_confused:

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