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  1. ajbessinger

    SOLD! SOLD---2000 Ford Ranger EV (under 6,700 orig. mi)---SOLD

    Hello there Ranger fans! I have a bit of a rare piece of history for sale that many may not know exists... To start off, this is a 2000 Ranger EV, with under 6,700 original miles (no, that's not a typo, and yes, that’s right, a factory electric Ford Ranger). I'm asking $3000, and I'm located in...
  2. ajbessinger

    Busted ignition actuator?

    Hello there folks! I've got a 1998 Ranger EV I recently picked up, and it seems to have an issue with the ignition switch actuator. It looks like the gear that goes behind the ignition lock cylinder is stripped out... I'll try to post pics of what I'm talking about later when I get the chance...
  3. ajbessinger

    Just picked up my second FACTORY Ranger EV this weekend!

    Here's a few pic's, and a link to the YouTube video I just uploaded of it.
  4. ajbessinger

    Just picked up my second Ranger EV

    EDIT: This truck is now for sale. I originally got ahold of it to use for parts, but it's just too complete and in good shape to tear apart. So, I've listed it up for $2,500. As stated, it needs new batteries. I did find an onboard charger to go under the hood though, as well as an original...
  5. ajbessinger

    FACTORY 2000 Ranger EV

    Thought this would be worth sharing in this forum here. Just picked up this 2000 Factory Ranger EV last week, one of probably about 2-300 left out of the 1,800 or so built (the rest were crushed in 04'). Here's some pics! I've added some explanations on some of the pics as well... Rear...
  6. ajbessinger

    2000 Ford Ranger EV

    My "new to me" 2000 Ford Ranger Electric. Only about 1800 of these trucks were built, and most were crushed by Ford in 2004. This is one of probably about 2-300 survivors, thanks to the efforts of groups like Plug in America to save them from the crusher. This truck in particular has only been...
  7. ajbessinger

    New Ranger EV Owner

    Just picked up this factory 2000 Ford Ranger EV last night. It needs some work, but hopefully I can get this rare gem on the road soon! Less than 7k original miles on the clock! Check out my YouTube channel if you would like to follow along with my progress on getting it resurrected...

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