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  1. dvdswan


    So, I've always thought the term "highboy" was for vehicles that had a divorced t/case and sat higher than the normal 4WD truck because there were originally 2WD models converted. Plus, they were only F-250s. Am I thinking wrong? This guy is calling this a "highboy" clone. I guess I'm a...
  2. dvdswan

    1989 Ford Ranger GT

    1989 Ford Ranger GT - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive... (craigslist.org)
  3. dvdswan

    1983 Ford Ranger 4WD Pickup Truck

    1983 Ford Ranger 4WD Pickup Truck - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org) looks super clean...
  4. dvdswan

    1992 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 4x4

    1992 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 4x4 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) Wife said, "NO" :(
  5. dvdswan

    Sounds like a belt chirp

    Yesterday I changed the oil/filter in both trucks and today the Ranger has a cold start chirp. It sounds like a belt chirp, but the sound sounds like it is coming from middle to back of the engine. I can't ever recall a distributor chirping but anything is possible. Any ideas or thoughts...
  6. dvdswan


    So I finally broke down and install my new-used (free to me radio) since the factory one was fading in and out. Everything went great but I mixed up my red and yellow wires on the radio, so the memory does save. Time to pull it out tomorrow and swap those two. One question though, on the...
  7. dvdswan

    APG Bronco

    New APG Bronco ProRunner Conversion: The Ultimate Ford Bronco? (fordmuscle.com)
  8. dvdswan

    Bucket Seat Rebuild

    So today I went to the local yard and picked up a pair of 94 2dr Explorer seats with the console. Seats were in decent shape, a little dirty, normal for a junkyard IMO. I think the mileage was 219xxx, but after pulling the seats and leaving the yard I remembered my odo only shows 5 digits so...
  9. dvdswan

    1983 BII for a steal...

    Ford Bronco 2 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org) I wish I had the space.
  10. dvdswan


    1994 Ford Explorer Sport NEW PRICE - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org)
  11. dvdswan


    92 Ford ranger 4x4 4.0 five speed - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org)
  12. dvdswan


    1989 F350 Ford Centurion - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)
  13. dvdswan


    1991 Ford F150 4x4 XLT Lariat Excellent Condition - cars & trucks -... (craigslist.org)
  14. dvdswan


    1973 Ford Econoline E300 4x4 Class-B - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org)
  15. dvdswan


    1978 f250 4x4 super cab King pin dana 60 - cars & trucks - by owner... (craigslist.org)
  16. dvdswan

    Just found on CL F150 Stepside 4x4

    Looks to be in good shape but they say you can take an engine out of another vehicle or take that one too. lol I have a heart for stepsides...
  17. dvdswan

    Pinto Wagon...

    Marketplace - 1979 Ford Pinto | Facebook
  18. dvdswan

    Don't you just hate it when....

    So today I went back to work after taking a few days off, truck was driving great no issues at all. I pull into my parking spot and hear steam hissing. What the hell, those are brand new hoses. Turned the ignition to run and looked at the temp gauge and it was climbing fast. Popped the hood...
  19. dvdswan

    V8 Swap wanted...

    1989 LINCOLN MARK VII LSC LOW MILES RUNSRIVES SUPER - cars & trucks... (craigslist.org)
  20. dvdswan

    Good write up and for the price too.

    1989 Ford Ranger. --Runs Well--!! - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org)

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