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  1. Vindictus

    Fixing some RUST yuck

    Been laid up for 6 weeks and bored. Getting around better so I went at some body work today. This is what started with And this is where I am now I do have a question. I would like to remove the door. Last time I did this yearrrrrs ago the plate the hinge bolts threaded into was only...
  2. Vindictus

    Bad drive to work

    You ever had one of those days you should have just stayed in bed. I was passing a transport and the pic below happened. Doing 140km (90mph) Not sure what other damage happened. It was running fine when i shut it off other than the death rattle. Not looking forward to the coming bill for repair...
  3. Vindictus

    A/C is being a pain in my *ss

    Last July I replaced my complete a/c. New compressor dryer orifice tube condenser and both lines. I flushed the resonator. I pulled a vacuum it held over night. Charged it and it worked just fine all last summer. Not so this spring, The compressor won't start. This is what I've done so far. 1...
  4. Vindictus

    Intermittent P0420 code

    This started Monday night. Out to the store and CEL came on. I rest it, went to work Tuesday (60 miles) all was good. Went out after work it came on again. reset it and came on, on my way home to night. I replaced both cat's and O2 censors about 3 years ago. O2's are motorcraft cat's are from...
  5. Vindictus

    Hail the mouse

    I got stopped for speeding to night on the way home from work. When the cop asked me for licence, registration and insurance i reach over and open the glove box to find a mouse nest. Little basted chewed up all the papers. When i looked back at the cop he had a big smile on his face and started...
  6. Vindictus

    Rear sway bar for a 2011 Ranger 2WD

    Does anyone know if a rear sway bar from a 97 ranger will fit a 2011
  7. Vindictus

    Newbie from NewBrunswick

    Just wanted to say hello. My 1996 ranger died this summer had to upgrade to a 2011

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