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  1. stamina

    can you install a camshaft while the motor is in the vehicle?

    i have a 1990 ranger standard cab with a 4.0, by removing the grille, radiator, fan, and condenser is it possible to install a cam while the motor is in the vehicle?
  2. stamina

    Wanted pushrod 4.0 throttle body plastic trim

    it is the older throttle body trim piece i am looking for, the later model throttle trim was a half size piece and had no text, will pay good dollar
  3. stamina

    is the aFe Throttle body spacer plate worth it? does it do anything at all?

    there is a throttle body spacer plate made by aFe for the pushrod 4.0 that claims "Silver Bullet throttle body spacers create turbulence in the air flow at the point just prior entry into the engine increasing horsepower, torque and improving throttle response and fuel efficiency. Silver Bullet...
  4. stamina

    how do i make the tachometer work in my truck?

    when i did the 4.0 swap i installed a 92 explorer engine harness and my truck is a 90 ranger so i left the dash harness in place. the connectors ended up being different and i tried a few things but nothing worked. as of the first time i ran my new motor, the tach did not work. i had oil...
  5. stamina

    best a/c lines based on location

    on the 4.0 from 90-95ish there were two types of manifold a/c lines, one that ran in front of the intake plenum with a different drier which was unique to the 4.0 or one that ran behind the plenum just like the 2.9 and used the same drier/accumulator as the 2.9. based on working on the 4.0 in...
  6. stamina

    started engine for the first time since swap and after i hooked the rest of the drive train up it won’t turn over

    we hooked up everything that was needed to make the engine start, the electrical connectors and transmission with starter, started literally first try with no problems and was run for about 5 minutes before i shut it off, after i put the driveshafts and transfer case in so it could drive, the...
  7. stamina

    cannot reinstall woodruff key/crankshaft key

    with the new sprocket on it (which everything is facing the current direction) it literally won’t go back in how it was i’m so confused, there’s an oil stain on it which indicates where it originally was and i physically can’t make it go back in. plz help
  8. stamina

    are the dash harnesses between a 92 and a 93 explorer the same?

    they both have electric shift ,power accessories and whatnot, but the 93 has the 4 wheel abs and the larger power distribution box with the relays inside. i’m assuming they’re the same? same dash and all that.
  9. stamina

    4.0 wiring harness install

    after installing the 4.0 harness from a 92 explorer into my 90 ranger i’m having a few issues, first off, green dash lights won’t come on, blower motor does not work, radio does not work, check engine light is on but is very dull but the other indicators (red brake and orange rear anti lock)...
  10. stamina

    what break in oil/standard oil combo would you use for a 4.0

    new piston rings are going to be installed here soon as well as some other bottom end things, what break in oil would you guys use for this?
  11. stamina

    on rock auto there is a 35 mm thermostat housing and a 40mm, which one is correct?

    the engine i have is a 1995 4.0 ohv, ad theres tw options? which one is the right one? or is bigger just better?
  12. stamina

    Wanted 4x4 + manual gearbox shift boot/bezel

    been hunting for this piece for a long time. truck currently looks like something from mad max (kinda badass though!) let me know if anyone has this
  13. stamina

    Wanted pre 93’ 4.0 wiring harness.

    i really need this piece to complete my swap. can’t find one anywhere
  14. stamina

    sp486 plugs vs sp500 plugs

    i have a 1999 ohv 4.0 but it will be going to a 1990 ranger with all 1990-94ish wiring, which of these plugs should i use and why and what are the differences? apparently sp500 is meant for the later ohv and sp486 is for the older ones the reach of them is both the same, .679 i believe.
  15. stamina

    what are the differences between pre and post 1993 ohv 4.0’s?

    i have got a complete 1999 4.0 ohv with harness and all accessories for my 1990 ranger and i don’t know all of the differences between the two (pre and post 1993/94) i already know a few of them such as the aluminum intake with no egr which i’ve already got from the yard, the wiring harness...
  16. stamina

    what things should be done to a 4.0 while it’s out of the vehicle and has been sitting

    4.0 ohv has been sitting for a few years in the garage and i would like to know what i should do to it before it goes in the truck, besides oil change and regasketing the whole thing what else should i do for it? that is within reason cost wise. no problems with it are known as of now.
  17. stamina

    just found a 4.0 complete all the way to exhaust manifold, what should i do to it when i buy it.

    i need to know all the things i should do for the engine once i purchase it. like should i clean certain things run certain things through it? replace certain things? any specific flaws in the engine that can be fixed before it goes in?
  18. stamina

    i need a 4.0 manual trans spacer/separator plate

    i figured out my last two threads, the reason the truck was making a noise and would stall when you push the clutch. the separator plate is sliding against the flywheel constantly. i used the original 2.9 spacer/separator plate. the starter fit through it so i assumed it was fine, does anyone...
  19. stamina

    truck dies when i push the clutch pedal after manual swap

    when engine is running and in neutral when i press the clutch it dies. i don’t quite understand plz help maybe try the auto ECU, bench bleed the master and reconnect clutch switch jumper?
  20. stamina

    installed new 4.0 clutch flywheel and starter truck died with clutch pedal pushed in

    finished swapping everything for the manual went to burp o the new radiator and start the truck, clutch pedal to the floor to start and in neutral, when i let the pedal out, the truck runs normal no problems there. when i push it back in or as soon as i’m starting the vehicle and i don’t release...

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