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  1. Tominator

    Does anyone know any airide links...

    http://www.airbagit.com/Air-Suspension-kits-all-4-wheels-p/fbs-for-80-kit5.htm Someday....:D
  2. Tominator

    Windows Programs on Android Tablet?

    Have an ASUS Terminator coming and I was hoping to use it to data log from my PMS and Zeitronix setup on my Ranger.....so, any ideas on this subject?:icon_confused:
  3. Tominator

    Damn it Anyway....getting so close...

    My endless modifications are getting the best of me!:sad: My Snow Stage II meth injection controller has the barb for the vacuum broken off. Was troubleshooting why the pump came on at odd times.:annoyed: Installing my Bosch O2 wide band sensor....ran out of battery on the Makita. Need one...
  4. Tominator

    OK....splain dome light wiring to me....Mustang/Ranger

    :icon_confused: Trying to finish up my wiring....Bought Mustang dome light and replacing the factory unit. One of the wires at the light was burnt before the swap. The Mustang unit came with a pigtail so I cut the wires and attached them to the pigtail. The light tested out fine BTW. Ran a...
  5. Tominator

    PICK A PLATE....I Need Ideas

    :dunno: Trying to come up with Personalized or Vanity plates. B Plates or Route66 Try your idea here... https://www.ilsos.gov/PickAPlateWeb/index1.html So far I've come up with.. TRUKME BLOIT HIHOSIL LONRNGR ...Try your luck and post'em up!:D
  6. Tominator

    '95 Window Regulator...manual to electric..

    My '95 is an XL....no power windows, etc. Will the XLT power window regulator assembly just replace the manual unit? I'm pretty sure it will, but looking ahead for SNAFU's before I start.:D Already bought Autoloc switches.. And these handles that will be painted black or dark...
  7. Tominator

    Installing Radiator IN FRONT of the Support!

    Ok, Happy Father's Day!:beer: Finally found a couple hours to proceed with the upgraded radiator installation. The Old James Duff copper/brass wasn't doing the job for a supercharged V8 and getting this beast cooled has been as hard as any other upgrade I've attempted and that includes putting...
  8. Tominator

    Let's see what's out there....

    There are some incredible Rangers in this thread! Mine is the typical 5/7 drop. My interior is apart....again...just redid the box in the back. Working on a radiator relocation... And in the garage is where I should be right now!:icon_welder:
  9. Tominator

    Now THIS is a military haircut!

  10. Tominator

    Just An Instance Of The Perfect Use For A Dishwasher...

    ...besides washing dishes..:icon_rofl: Cleaning the seat brackets before painting!:icon_idea:
  11. Tominator

    I've No Idea What They Are Selling...but..

    ...This has got to be the best commercial ever! Rated "R" BTW... http://www.m2film.dk/fleggaard/trailer2.swf
  12. Tominator

    OK, somebody pinch me...Amazon mistake leads to Ranger Mod..

    Where do I start? Browsing Amazon, and I'm a Prime Member, just happen to find aluminum radiators...since my James Duff V8 conversion radiator just ain't hacking the cooling of my motor... '97 to '04 Mishimoto Mustang rad for $25...SHIPPED!...And there was a SN95 radiator for the same price...
  13. Tominator

    Making a AWD v8 supercharged ranger

    Some kind of locker, and raise the gear ratio.....yes, if it's got 3.73, go higher a bit. I've got 3.55 in mine. Traction bars and my plans are to go four link someday....:icon_welder:
  14. Tominator

    Ranger Canceled? ..... Someone is hoarding them!

    And I know of another lot with about 50 more!:headbang:

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