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  1. PGHFord

    That Pesky Morning Stumble

    Ever have that early morning stumble where truck sits all night and you go to start it up and it stumbles around a little or you go to put it into drive and start to go and it stumbles? Well I think I found the answer! Was reading on another site for a different ford truck and... over time the...
  2. PGHFord

    Stall in Park and Neutral

    Cleaned the IAC, wasnt gummed up with a whole lot of carbon, but cleaned the passage. Problem is now that the truck is back up and running from the TFI issue I had, it idled fine all the time I warmed the truck up in park and timed the engine 10 degrees before top dead center. The problem I was...
  3. PGHFord

    No Start

    Have an issue, wonder if anyone had issue like it? Last week replaced alternator on truck, truck ran fine up until that point. Reason replace Alternator was because the alt dumby light was coming on intermit. Replaced alternator as said before, also while in there replaced the negative battery...

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