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  1. ltuck808

    check out my build thread!

  2. ltuck808

    Bw 1354?

    Looking to buy one or buy the shaft that replaces the frony slip in the 1350
  3. ltuck808

    hid help

    I posted a treqd in the lighting forum a few weeks ago with zero replies. I'm wondering if anyone knows where to buy a plug and play hid kit for my 88 b2. I need the sealed beam conversion also. Any help will be appreciated
  4. ltuck808

    driver side door internals

    88 b2 manual window doesn't work. when I got it tbe handle woulsnt move at all so i forced it. Whoops. Now it just spins and there is no pressure no pops no nothing so i need to replace the guts I'm guessing? But when i looked behind the panel tjere isn't any room at all to get my hands in...
  5. ltuck808


    Has anyone done an hid swap on a 88 b2 where you have to get the closed beam conversion. If so where did you get the kit? How much? Is there a write up on it?
  6. ltuck808

    88 b2 crawler build

    First off a little background info; names logan I'm 19 and live in the porltand area. I've built jeeps and toyotas and figured its time for something new. This is the first ford I've ever owned. When I got it it was at stock ride height with 28 inch tires 2.9l v6 with 7.5 rear end and d28 ttb up...
  7. ltuck808

    build thread

    How do i start one? i cannot find it abywhere
  8. ltuck808

    possible newb? headlights

    So only my bright headlights work, no dims. Haven't tried new bulbs because they both quit working at the same time. Also after about an hour of straight driving with my brights on my lights start flashing on and off until I turn ny lights off for about 30 seconds then the brights are fine again...
  9. ltuck808

    square tube driveline help

    So I have a b2 sas with a jeep Dana 30 with the auto hubs. I know square tube drivelinws work on toyotas even driving 60 on the high way as long as the hubs are unlocked so its not so noisy. But im curious if I will have problems cuz the auto hubs? sorry to bring jeep stuff on the forum but its...
  10. ltuck808

    rhino line

    Anyone have there carpet removed and rhino lined floors? Thinking about doing it bit want to see first. Pics would be awesome
  11. ltuck808

    rock sliders ane aftermarket bumper help?

    Anyone know where to buy rock sliders or bumpers for b2s? Ive looked for months and can't find anything
  12. ltuck808

    t case slip yoke?

    Planning my sas on my 88 bII. Is there anyway to make the front driveline not slip at the case? Slip yoke eliminator for the front? Please help
  13. ltuck808

    leaf sprung b2 sas

    What springs are people using? Also I feel like the tranny crossmember is gonna be on the way of my mountain for sas. Anyone have tips or stupid little problems they ran intok ?
  14. ltuck808

    dual case crossmember?

    Has anyone done a right up on one of these for the 1350/1350? Or any tips? Do i even need it or is the tranny crossmember enough. thanks!
  15. ltuck808

    doubler dual case questions

    Is the 2.8 and 2.9 trannys the same? and transfer cases? I'm gonna do Duals and am wondering if I can cut the output shaft off a 2.8 tranny for my adapter shaft. Please help
  16. ltuck808

    death wobble?

    Just did new tie rods and alignment and I have death wobble now. Do you think upper and lower ball joints and wheel bearings will help?
  17. ltuck808

    dual cases electric t case. help

    So I got the 1350 manual t case in my bII and just got a 1350 electric t case to possibly use for my doubler. I want to know if anyone has ever hooked one up to a toggle switch and use it as my double. How rad would it be to have low low on a toggle haha if no one has ever done this then I'm...
  18. ltuck808

    lift question

    I just did a 2 inch coil spacer on my bII and now with my bigger tires it pulls all over the plqce like the roads have ruts. My aligbment is off a bit. If I switch lanes or hit the paint at all it just jams to that side. Maybe my tires are toed in..would that cause this? Any info please help. I...
  19. ltuck808

    doubler dual case questions

    I'm gonna do a doubler here soon. Gonna follow one of the write ups on here bit I had a question before going through all the fab work. Does anyone make the adapter plate I could just buy? Or a bolt on kit or anythibg like that? thanks people
  20. ltuck808

    anyone ever done front digs?

    Has anyone ever seen a rbv (ranger based vehicle) do front digs? I'd live to see a write up on this

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