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  1. thatclapped3.0


    My trucks got a 7.5" 3.73 open diff. When I got the truck I changed the rear end fluid and found broke teeth on one of the spider gears. So my question is what would it take for me to swap a 31 spline 8.8 in its place?
  2. thatclapped3.0


    What options am I looking at for replacing my injectors on my 00 3.0?
  3. thatclapped3.0

    2000 3.0 4x4 XLT

    Has anyone swapped out the stock leaf packs for sport Trac leaf packs?
  4. thatclapped3.0


    Whats everyone running as a towing set up? I'm not gonna be towing alot of weight, the trailer is a single axle. The trucks a 2000 3.0 4x4, I had a idea of maybe installing a brake controller box, but not 100% on how I'd go about that. Any suggestions/inputs help.
  5. thatclapped3.0


    where would be the best place to get a engine gasket kit for my 3.0L? im looking to replace all the gaskets and seals in the motor. my trucks gonna be jacked up for a good bit, due to having to change the rear axle out, so any recommendations are welcome. im also trying to find info on if its...
  6. thatclapped3.0

    2000 Ford Ranger

    Does anyone have any knowledge on replacing the rear end differential components? And if so where do you guys recommend to order the parts from? My Ranger has a few teeth chunked off the bottom carrier gear from the previous owner, so I was looking to replace the carrier gears, and the ring and...

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