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  1. hdmm

    8.8 score

    I've been looking to swap out my 7.5 to 8.8 in my '97, I finally found one today for a good price out of a 2003, it's 8.8, 4.10 ratio with limited slip diff. What limited slip does Ford use in these? Not really familiar with them, is it the same as the 5.0 Mustang? (I had a 93 LX for awhile)
  2. hdmm

    Kenda Kleaver MT Review

    Kenda Klever MT Review OK, I figured I would share this with everyone. Kenda tires are really well known in the mountain bike world ( I don't ride bicycles ) but on the recomendation of a buddy I picked up a set of these Kenda Kleaver MT's, 32x11.50R15 I needed to replace the totally shot...
  3. hdmm

    New to me '97 Ranger

    New to me '97 Ranger w/ trans problem Hi, been quite awhile since I've been on here, I sold my '98 two years ago. I just picked up for a very cheap price, a '97 2wd reg cab, 3.0v6 auto. Has a 3" lift on it, tool box, etc, not a bad little truck. It runs real good, but has 180k on the clok. The...
  4. hdmm

    Tool box for Ranger Flareside???

    Where can I get a truck tool box that will fit on my Ranger Flareside???
  5. hdmm

    Coil spring isolators for '98 Ranger ?

    I have a 1998 Ranger with coil spring suspension, I have already installed lift coils but I would like to add some polyurethane coil spring isolators up at the top of them. Does anybody make these for the '98 & up 2wd Rangers? or does anyone know if isolators from like a Jeep TJ or Cherokee...
  6. hdmm

    My '98 Ranger

    Here's my '98 Ranger XLT....... Specs; 2wd, 2.5L, Auto, 4:10 Rear, New #2 Leafs along with a short add-a-leaf in the rear, 3" lift coils in the front, ProComp ES1000 shocks front /rear, 3" BL, 15x8 Crager V5 wheels w/3.75 B.S., 33 x 12.50 x 15 Kuhmo Road Venture AT's.
  7. hdmm

    Finally done.....kind of....

    I finally put my Ranger back together, but I have to take some of it apart again. When I put the front lift coils in I found that my upper and lower balljoints were really loose on both sides, so I insatlled the springs and new shocks and ordered my parts. I went with 2" lift coils but the...
  8. hdmm

    Coil Spring Question

    OK, I have a '98 Ranger 2wd, std cab, stepside bed, 4cyl, with the coil spring front suspenion. I want to lift the front approx 2" so I was looking at lift springs which are pretty expensive. Would using coil springs from a ext cab Ranger with a 4.0 work instead of pricey lift springs? I know...
  9. hdmm

    2wd lift spring question

    Hello all, I have a 1998 Ranger 2wd, std cab, stepside bed. This thing is hurting and I want to lift it. I have to replace the rear leafs because both sides are broken, so I guess I'm going to go with a 3 or 4 leaf replacement along with a lift block. My question is primarily for the front. I...

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