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  1. Mechrick

    Installing Fuel Injection in old carburetted Fords

    There are a few situations that crop up when installing a high pressure fuel system in vehicles that were originally carburetted from the factory. I recently did an EFI installation on my BII which can be seen here...
  2. Mechrick

    Bronco V8 fuel injection swap

    Hi all. Due to the price of fuel, I took the time to covert my BII to fuel injection over the past week. Thought I'd share the process (although there are many routes to accomplish this). I'll miss the simplicity of the HEI and four-barrel, but I'm hoping for a 3-4 MPG bump over the 14 MPG I've...
  3. Mechrick

    (Yet another!) M5OD-R2 swap

    Hi all! You may remember me from my V8-swapped Bronco II last year. If not, visit https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/ricks-5-0-c6-swap-1985-bii.188737/ to get up to speed. I've been driving it since the swap. Love the V8 power, hate the lack of overdrive. -Other than a...
  4. Mechrick

    For Sale Toyo Kogyo TK5 5 Speed and BW1350 Transfer Case

    Selling both from my Bronco II. I'm in the Las Vegas area. TK5's are getting rare. Make me an offer.
  5. Mechrick

    Dana 35 Sway bar disconnect

    I made this up over the weekend and thought I'd share. The over the axle exhaust for the V8 interfered with the rear sway bar so I removed it. From prior experience, this causes the body to pitch violently left and right when off road because the body follows the front axle. I wanted a front bar...
  6. Mechrick

    Halogen spot lamps and brackets

    I finally got my ProComp spots back on. I wanted a lightweight bracket idea that was below the hoodline to keep the (bad) aero. This is what I ended up doing...
  7. Mechrick

    Rick's 5.0/C6 swap 1985 BII

    I've had my BII on the road for seven years now. It was originally put together with a 2.3L/Weber 32/36 and a TK4 speed. A good writeup is on FordSix, they were gracious enough to allow it in the Orphan Inlines section. https://fordsix.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=72863 Working from home...
  8. Mechrick

    Bronco II front TTB musings

    First, Howdy. Long time lurker, registered today, first post. I currently own a Bronco II. After playing with full size Broncos for a couple of decades, decided to downsize. Was looking for Cherokee when the BII popped up on C/L as a roller. It's a 2.3L, TK5, BW 1350, with a '91 Explorer front...

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