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  1. Dlillie87

    01 Ranger ac not cooling fully

    I've had Firestone look at my truck twice in the last week. Last week they vacuumed and recharged the system with new freon and dye. Today they checked and said there no leaks that they can see. The air coming from the vents is barely cool, and the compressor isn't staying on more than 3-5...
  2. Dlillie87

    Ranger body on a FS bronco frame...?

    I know this isn't a popular way to get a V8 under the hood of a ranger, but I have my reasons lol. I know some have done it with F150 frames, which are pretty similar. Does anyone know how to center the fender wells over the front wheels and also clear the engine/firewall? On a ranger the engine...
  3. Dlillie87

    NP435/BW1345 pair in a 1gen Ranger?

    I picked these up cheap as a pair. Will the tcase fit between the rails with a 3 inch body lift? I'd like to not have to find a different tcase.
  4. Dlillie87

    Loose seat hinge, 86 ranger

    One of the hinges on my driver's seat doesn't catch. The side with the lever does just fine, but the other side will still rock back. Has anyone successfully fixed this problem before? Picture just for clarification of where the problem is
  5. Dlillie87

    Dana28 TTB to dana44 TTB

    I'm still trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this and have everything work properly. I've been thinking that just mounting the 44 into the 28 mounts, trimming the axle shaft, and moving the upper spring mounts away from the frame was the easiest method. Someone on FB suggested this...
  6. Dlillie87

    Wobbly steering column in engine bay

    I can't post the video, but I can grab my steering intermediate shaft and it wobbles all around the hole in the firewall. The rag joints are shot but that shouldn't cause this. The steering column isn't lose where it mounts under the dash. Any thoughts on what is wrong or where I can start...
  7. Dlillie87

    Permanently cover cowl vent...

    Probably a unique situation...just looking for opinions on how one might accomplish this. I have an 86 ranger that I'm basically turning into a "hot rod" build. I'm gutting everything that isn't essential, including the entire HVAC box and all the vents except defrost,which I'll hook a small...
  8. Dlillie87

    Anyone recognize these wheels?

    This may be a long shot. I want to put these on my ranger after the axle swaps, but only if I can find the center pieces. I tried googling the number on the back but didn't have any luck
  9. Dlillie87

    Sagging springs?

    Can anyone tell me what might be going on here? It looks like the rear has blocks, the front springs may be oem or might be taller idk, but they are bowed out it looks like. And the front right side is definitely sitting a little lower. Just wore out springs hopefully?
  10. Dlillie87

    86 ranger lift kit with axle swap

    If I put a Dana 44 TTB and an 8.8 under my ranger, would lift kits for my truck still fit, or would I need to look into a custom job?
  11. Dlillie87

    Fixing cracked dash pad with fiberglass, 86 ranger

    Just wanted to share my progress on this project so far. Like a lot from this era, my dash pad was dry rotted and cracking Everytime it was touched. I looked into the aftermarket plastic replicas, but the reviews werent good. Figured I'd give this a shot and it's going great! I'm covering my...

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