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  1. Pony

    92 ford ranger 2.3 to automatic?

    So I have a 92 ford ranger that I want to make automatic I have searched and haven't found anything on this topic, What transmission can be used? Thank you in advance
  2. Pony

    ac/radio won't turn on?

    So I decided to put all the a/c stuff back in and now when I try to turn them on they won't. I have everything connected I don't know what to look for any help? thanks
  3. Pony

    Offroad spots in Arizona

    Can someone give me a lift of places in Arizona? thanks!
  4. Pony

    2000 s10 turn off shakes then turns off

    My brothers 2000 s10 turns on then it shakes like crazy and then it shuts off I tried recording it but it wasnt good ill still post it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFgRCSXF-8s&feature=youtu.be
  5. Pony

    92 ford ranger

    i wanna make some ibeams and rad arms for my truck going to be prerunning it has f150's chevy lowering shackles and fiberglass in front all i need is there i have resis for the back the front will be coilovers and help please :D
  6. Pony

    Pony's major budget build

    So far i haven't had so much money. First off i am 17.. I only work Thursdays and Fridays This build is going to be very slow. to start off this is what i have done to the truck since i first got it. How the differential first looked like the gunk i cleaned off of it this is how the...
  7. Pony

    Power steering whining

    Where can i buy a saginaw p/s pump? My truck is 92 ford ranger 2.3l any help would be nice thanks
  8. Pony

    lift on my truck.

    thinking about getting http://www.camburg.com/store/susp-sys/ford/89-97-ranger/front-suspension-89-97-ranger/ford-ranger-89-95-performance-5-5-kit/ that for my truck. for the shocks what fox shocks should i get for the front and back please link me to the shocks thank you.
  9. Pony

    lift shackles

    can i put ford explorer lift shackles on a ford ranger without any fab? or any other that would fit it like bronco or something?
  10. Pony

    I haven't made an intro so here's one

    My real name is Jesus, I own a 92 ford ranger short cab. I am a semi cool guy i guess and hope to get a lot of help from you guys :3 i will also be building my ford ranger soon :D
  11. Pony

    ford ranger lift a little?

    am i able to put ford f150 springs onto my 92 ford ranger 4cy 2.3 and for the back am i able to put ford f150 leafsprings or would i need to put shackles? Thanks in advance :D
  12. Pony

    Ford ranger lift maybe?

    if i put a f150 or f250 leafsprings would it give me a lift? Also would i need to change anything besides the leafspring would like to give the back a nice lift then the front maybe a fabtech any help please and thanks truck is a 92 ford ranger xlt 2.3l thanks in advance!

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