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  1. dogboy

    2000 Explorer SAS/ Ranger nose

    I haven’t posted on here in a long time, so I figure I might as well share this one. I did a D30 SAS from a WJ grand Cherokee because of the bigger brakes, better steering, and 3” wider than a Cherokee axle. I had heard most people use a Toyota steering box, but I wanted to try to use a Ranger...
  2. dogboy

    Western Washington July meet

    Me and my girlfriend want to try and get a little meet going for the weekend on July 11th/12th. Not a wheeling trip or anything. A date, time and place isn't really set yet. But I was thinking maybe meet in Enumclaw head up to lake Tipsoo/Chinook pass, as a possibility. Probably mid morning...
  3. dogboy

    Ranger Zoo Lights meet?

    I'm thinking about trying to get another Ranger Zoo Lights meet together in December for the Point Defiance Zoo. I would post on other forums but I've forgot my logins. Would anybody else be interested in going?
  4. dogboy

    Obd2 explorer v8 with Obd1 dash?

    I've searched a little, and can't find anything. Has anybody done a 5.0l v8 swap using a 96 Explorer engine harness, but retain the 94 Ranger dash? I'm kind of stuck on my swap, because this 96 Explorer dash and body harness isn't going into my 4.0l 94 Ranger like I thought it would.
  5. dogboy

    94 Ranger- 2005+ nose swap, and 5.0l swap

    I figure I'll start a thread for this truck, instead of having three build threads in one, in my crew can thread. It's a 94 4.0l 5spd 4wd with a 4" lift that I picked up for $500. It started out as an ugly truck, that I was just going to throw a clutch at, clean it up, and sell it. After...
  6. dogboy

    Lifted 4 Door Crew Cab Ranger Build

    Well, I'm far enough with my build, that I figure I'll post a build thread. I've had a crew cab Ranger dream for a quite a few years now, and creeps back into my mind fairly often. With a few changes to life, I now work 3/4-12's (alternating 3 and 4 days off in a row!!) and no longer have...
  7. dogboy

    4.0l OHV V6 vs SOHC 4.6 V8

    I've never seen a picture of both side by side, only dimensions. When I had a friends '96 (I belive) Mustang 4.6, and an old 4.0l in my bed, I tossed the heads back on for a picture. It just shows how wide the 4.6 really is, and how narrow the 4.0l is. I figured maybe it'd be a good picture for...
  8. dogboy

    My new sliders

    I've been wanting to do sliders like these on my Ranger for 4 years or more, but my girlfriends truck seemed like a good candidate. I started by cutting the rocker out, and a piece of 2x4 1/8 wall box went in its place. The tube is 1 1/2x.120. I'm pretty sure using the tubes to go back to the...
  9. dogboy

    M5OD internals swap??

    So, the deal is, is my M5OD in my 93 4wd Ranger (it came out of a 94 4wd Explorer), is going out. Its making bearing noises, grinding in second gear, etc). So, it is going to need a rebuild or new tranny soon. But, I may have a hookup on a M5OD (I would assume its the HD), out of an 04' SOHC...
  10. dogboy

    4.0 blowing smoke

    I have my '93 4.0L, and it is blowing smoke out the exhaust (coolant), but it also has an oil smell, but is not really blue colored, which is confusing. It consumed probably a half gallon of coolant on an hour drive (to work and back). Also, the smoke is intermittent. It will never blow...
  11. dogboy

    Coil over sizes

    So, I have this idea (it is more of a plan) to put a D44 TTB, and D44/ 9" out of either a FS Bronco, or an f-150, into my '93 Ranger (I've researched the swap, and what goes into it). When I do this, I would really liek to run coil overs, rather than standard coils. I found a company (F-O-A...
  12. dogboy

    Tahuya in Washington 8-29-09

    Me and JFA_Spyderman met up today and headed out to Tahuya (try and say "out to Tahuya" 10 times fast :icon_rofl:) It was a good day for a run! I got some pictures, I know he did too. Tahuya isn't super challenging, just kinda fun to go screw around for the day. So, onto the pics (some have...
  13. dogboy

    Ford Probe? Reliability?

    Ok, so I've been driving my Ranger to work and back everyday (30 miles round trip) and then wheeling it on the weekends. I don't like worrying about breaking down on the weekend, the HAVING to fix the truck by Monday morning in order to get to work. Solution, buy a commuter! I've been looking...
  14. dogboy

    Short notice Evans Creek run

    I'm heading up to Evans Creek tomorrow (Sunday 5-31-09), more less to mess around. We will be leaving my house in Enumclaw somewhere around 9:30, so if anybody wants to meet us, we can work that out, maybe meet at the Burnett store or something. I will have my Ranger and my cousin will be on...
  15. dogboy

    Moses Lake Sand Dunes

    My cousin, our friend, and I went over to the Moses Lake sand dunes here in Washington this weekend. It has been 3 or 4 years since I was there last (also the first time riding in the dunes), so it took a little while to relearn sand riding. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to rally the Ranger...
  16. dogboy

    Steering wheel radio controls??

    Ok, in my '93 Ranger, I have the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel, but ever since my auto-manual tranny swap, the cruise control does not work. Now, for my radio, it came with a little remote control, which I do not use. Put 2 and 2 together, and you get...
  17. dogboy

    Odd stumbling, lack of power, and low fuel mileage problem

    I have searched thoroughly in the past, and did a quick search just now, but didn't see anything new. I know this is a long post, but if you guys could PLEASE help me, I would appreciate it!!! I hate throwing parts at a problem, but I have been only because I have the spare parts off of the...
  18. dogboy

    Pro-Comp 6" to a 4"?

    I found a Procomp Lift for cheap, with everything I need, the only problem is that it is a 6" lift, not a 4". I only need/ want a 4". So my question is, would it be possible to drill a new set of hole 1-2" higher than the exhisting pivot holes, to basicly make it a 4" lift, not a 6". Or, could...
  19. dogboy


    Ok, so I am parting out my Exploder and a guy wants the Radiator for his '84 2.3 Ranger (his is screwed up). Would the radiator out of the Explorer be too much cooling for the 2.3? I know it will bolt in, we just weren't sure about if it will function right. And yes, I just spent 30 minutes...
  20. dogboy

    Elbe Hills (Washington) run 1-17-09 (56K, go away)

    Me and couple guys from here went for a nice run today, although we lost one rig in battle... Damn auto hubs. LoanRanger (the FordZuki buggy), his dad (exo-caged Ranger), Stumpy (Bronco II) and my self (the 3rd gen), headed up to Elbe today. Stumpy blew an auto hub shortly into the day, so he...

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