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  1. Lariat

    95A to 130A alternator swap.

    My alternator is slowly on its way out in my ranger, and i'm looking for an easy yet cheap upgrade. I got to looking at alternators from explorers, and ive seen several 130a alternators. Although, they only have 3 wires, whereas my ranger has 4 wires. Now i want to go to the 130a alternator...
  2. Lariat

    Bronco II body swaps... What challenges are there?

    Its an 85 that was in a rollover. I don't want to see it go, and would preferably like to see it saved. The body is 100% junk. Well, minus the passenger fender. What challenges will I face? Ive body swapped a full size ford truck, but didnt know if there were any differences Id run into. Thanks...
  3. Lariat

    Lariat's "Offroad Build"

    I'm not really building the truck for any hardcore offroading, but moreso making the truck mine with personal additions. So here's the story behind the little ranger that i still have yet to figure out a name for. I'm leaning to "The Bulldog" Anyway, here we go. My journey to ranger fever...
  4. Lariat

    What's all needed to convert from r-12 to r134a?

    Dad and I 4.0 swapped his 85 BII using a 92 ranger. All wiring, dash, and blower box is from the ranger, the only thing BII is body/chassis. So, he and I may be going to a pick and pull tomorrow. What vehicles are compatable to pull A/C parts off of?
  5. Lariat

    4.0 swapped BII's transmission smacks floorpan under power.

    Just like the title says the transmission is smacking the floorpan under power. We swapped the 4.0 out from a 92 ranger with an m50d and an electric transfer case. When the m50d was installed we reused the former fm145's crossmember. COuld this have the transmission too high in the trans tunnel...
  6. Lariat

    What aftermarket switches do you use and where do you put them?

    I've got an 02 ranger, and I want to put a few extra lights on it. Nothing fancy. They're going to be rear facing lights so i can see in my bed in the dark, or close gates when i exit a field. What do you guys use for switches and where do you hide them in 3rd gen dashes?
  7. Lariat

    2002 xlt auto hub vacuum lines go to nowhere

    The vacuum lines from my hubs come out, and route to the radiator core support, then are capped. I found this out when i realized my hubs were constantly locked. I was following lines to check for breaks, only to find my lines stop at the core support. Is there anything i can do, or do i need to...
  8. Lariat

    did a 4.0 swap, now concerned about d28 not working properly.

    I'm aware as long as you keep your foot out of it you will be issue free, but i had came across something that concerns me a little bit. Upon going through the tech articles on the d28 to d35 swap i had noted you would need to shorten the driveshaft about 1" to 1.5" Normally i wouldn't see this...
  9. Lariat

    Getting ready to do spark plugs in my SOHC 4.0

    I've read, read, and read on how to do these. I've seen fords awesome ideas on spark plugs and whatnot in the f-150's. I know that the sohc 4.0 sparkplug placement is less than impressive. So, before all this i ran a can of techron through the system to help, i've read that in order to do this i...
  10. Lariat


    Just bought my first ranger last night after passing up a Bronco, this is my first midsize truck! 2002 XLT Dark Wedgewood Blue 4.p 4x4. I'm already interested in a few things such as the 07 mirror mod, and de-chroming the truck as much as possible! Pics when possible! Oh, also my father's a...

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