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  1. RangerRyan

    Bad TFI module?

    Hi, guys so last night I changed all my radiator hose, replaced the thermostat, and cleaned the engine with that spray shit. Now I can start it up have it run for about 5 minutes then it will run really rough and die. I can restart it but it still runs rough then dies. Before I go tearing out my...
  2. RangerRyan

    Bad MPG

    Went to fill up the bronco today. I calculated it out and I'm only getting 8MPG. With a 3" BL, 32" tires, stock axles, stock gears and the stock 2.8 does this sound right? I really only drive it to school then to work and back which is only a couple miles of 35mph speed. I am really curious if...
  3. RangerRyan


    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a welder. I have welded before but I've only used the welders we have at school(regular run of the mill Lincoln Electric arc welders). I was wondering what the best welder with a regular home plug was. I want to be able to weld on 1/4inch steel. I don't care if I...
  4. RangerRyan

    Rangerryan's "old blue" DD build

    I bought a 1988 ford ranger 2wd a couple years ago from an old couple, who would drive it from Alaska to Oregon and back. We'll they got an anniversary present from their son which was a new truck and they sold the ranger to me for $800. Here's how she started. I replaced the old rusted out...
  5. RangerRyan

    Kony 2012

    http://vimeo.com/37119711 Some of you may not care but this is a very good film and has a good message.
  6. RangerRyan

    Coil lift questions

    Hi, guys I am currently rebuilding my 2wd ranger into a mild travel but mostly stock looking ranger. My question is that what should I run for a 2" lift in the front. Here are my 4 options Jeep coils, spacers, EB coils(which I'm not sure if they will fit) or ranger 2" leveling coils. This is a...
  7. RangerRyan

    Looks like the curse is not only for the STOTM.

    I just wrecked my ranger on black ice coming home from Portland today. My GF and I are fine. As far as the ranger I couldn't have wreck it any better. The only thing I did was smash the Left side and wrapped the bumper around the frame but the frame looks straight so no totaling. I'll post pics...
  8. RangerRyan

    4 speed 4x4

    I found this http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/2725741909.html It would make a good parts truck for everything I need to finish the 302 swap. I'm just afraid of the 4 speed. Is the clutch hard to swap and will it fit?
  9. RangerRyan

    DIY paint jobs questions.

    I am looking into how to paint a car. I really hate the rattle can tan on my bronco. Don't mind the tan but it just looks ugly in my opinion. Also paint is pealing off the hood of my truck. So I've looked this up and I know I need a paint gun, an air compressor, a lot of sand paper, primer...
  10. RangerRyan

    Blown 393 stroker Yes or no?

    I was thinking about a future drag rig. Would putting a blower on a 393 stroker be a bad idea? I don't know if the stroker kit will weaken the engine or not?
  11. RangerRyan

    302 b2 vs 460 bronco

    Hey guys, my friend and I were joking around. We are both doing an engine swap in our broncos. Mine a bronco 2 with (soon to be) 302, his a second gen '79 bronco with (soon to be) 460 in it. Now the bet was who would win. I think mine because I have a lot less weight. He thinks his because of...
  12. RangerRyan

    Driveshaft questions.

    I am in the process of rebuilding a 302 out of 1974 ford maverick. I am going to buy the d35 and explorer 8.8 from a friend for $300 and I was planning on buying a m50d-r2 with the stock f150 transfer case. I already know I have to shorten the drive shafts. My question is what mods do I have to...
  13. RangerRyan

    I love it when all people can use is acronyms!

    I swear every time I get in an argument with someone about fords, all they can come back with is acronyms for ford. Am I the only one that gets a little annoyed at this! :icon_rofl: I mean don't get me wrong I don't have anything against chevy or dodges. I'll never willingly drive one but yeah.
  14. RangerRyan

    Going to buy a 302 on thurs. I got a question?

    I'm going to buy a 60s or 70s 302 I don't know if it runs but I'm going to do a rebuild anyways so it doesn't matter. they said it had between 80k-120k miles on it. It's complete with everything even comes with an auto trans for $200. I'm going to try and talk them down a little. The thing I'm...
  15. RangerRyan

    4x4 manual trans for a 302 carb.

    what 4x4 manual trans will mate up to a old 302 carb.? Like from a mustang or something.
  16. RangerRyan

    Need power train advice!

    I have a 1984 ford bronco II with a 3" body lift. I want to put in a bigger power train then the 2.8 v6. I'm stuck between a carburated 302 or the 4.0l. What would be the cheapest and easiest swap?
  17. RangerRyan

    Cut and Turned TTB

    Is this a good Idea to get one of these and what exactly does help? I want to know from people who actually use "cut and turned" TTB http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pts/2485280301.html
  18. RangerRyan

    Transmission just went out, help?

    Hey, my transmission just went out and I was wondering how hard is it to just replace it? Do I just unbolt from the engine and the drive shaft then the shifter and the cross member and reverse?
  19. RangerRyan

    My new baby! 84 b2!

    This is my new baby. It's a 1984 ford bronco 2. It has a 2.8l with a 150,000 miles, and a 5 speed tranny and of coarse it's a 4x4 :headbang: also it has a 3" body lift and 32" superswampers :icon_thumby: A little damage on the door and the driver side window wing is out. (duct tape is...
  20. RangerRyan

    My 2.0l is getting bad mpg why?

    When I bought my truck which is a 1988 ranger with a 2.0l carb. I was getting about 25 mpg now I'm just dumping money into the tank can anyone tell me why?

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