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  1. RayInStl

    Urgent! Starter wire routing

    Guys I need help quick! The city has declared my truck a derelict vehicle and given me a month to fix it or get it gone. I'm 2 weeks into that deadline and have hit a wall. Sometime while the trans was out, the the starter wire fell out of place and for the life of me I can't figure out how...
  2. RayInStl

    4WD M5od for 2.9L

    Trying to get my B2 back on the road. Looking for an M5od with the 2.9 or 4.0 bolt pattern. It needs to be 4x4. Willing to travel, but the closer you are to St. Louis, the better. Let me know if you have one in decent condition. Thanks, Ray
  3. RayInStl

    Clutch plate backwards or not properly bled clutch?

    So I'm within spitting distance of finishing my auto to 5 speed conversion. Just installed the clutch master and bled the system several times. I'm able to shift through the gears easily with the engine off. But once started, I cannot shift into most gears. I can shift into 3rd and 5th with...
  4. RayInStl

    FM145 bolt specs

    Can anyone tell me how long the bolts are for the FM-145 transmission to engine bolts? I know they are 10mmx1.5 thread but don't know the lengths. I need to order some as mine have gone missing. Thanks.
  5. RayInStl

    What's your favorite car/truck related YouTube channel?

    I don't have cable. I watch YouTube for entertainment and am always searching for new car/truck channels. Which ones do you watch? Here's my favorites: Diagnostic South Main Auto Eric the Car Guy Briansmoble1 Builds Project Binky (Bad Obsession Motorsports) Roadkill (motor trend) Dirt...
  6. RayInStl

    Rear hatch needed shims?

    The driver side of my hatch was hanging up really bad. You had to lift up on the hatch to get it to unlatch or latch. And even then, it was a struggle to get it open or closed. I took a closer look yesterday and the latch was half a striker too low. I tried adjusting the striker, but it was...
  7. RayInStl

    Dash swap questions

    I'm swapping a first gen dash into my 89 B2. I like the way the first gen dashes look and I'm doing an auto to manual swap so having the dash out of the way will make it that much simpler. At least that's how I've justified it in my head. It's my truck, dammit! I read through the tech...
  8. RayInStl

    Farm Truck - Truck Bed Camper Trailer

    Welp, the farm truck is no more. Rest in many, many pieces, my friend. But many of it's parts are going on to greater things. The back 3rd of the frame, the rear axle, and the bed are becoming a home made (home modified?) off road pop up camping trailer. This project's going to be a slow...
  9. RayInStl

    Just got my first B-II

    The farm truck ranger has seen it's last highway, but it's parts shall live on. I was looking for a suitable donor to serve as a parts trunk for the ranger (motor and frame) and picked up an 89 Bronco II instead. I used to have a Jeep and have always liked the little Bronco II's I'd see...
  10. RayInStl

    Welp, I think I killed it.

    I'm so incredibly gutted right now. I spent more than a week redoing the gaskets on this motor and just when I finally had it running tip top, the distributor locks up and I start having bunches of trouble. I posted a thread a week or so ago where I mentioned the spark plug had lost some of...
  11. RayInStl

    2002 4.0 head timing

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get this explorer back up and going. I had the timing components replaced by a local shop (family friend) but one of the head bolts pulled the threads during install. It's the left head (driver's side). I have the explorer back at my place now and plan to put a...
  12. RayInStl

    I think I killed it :'(

    Welp. I think I broke my engine good. After 2 weeks of changing gaskets, degreasing, scrubbing, and painting, I got her fired up and she was running good. Puttered around town for a little bit just to make sure there were no problems, then took her on the highway. Only made it about a mile...
  13. RayInStl

    Engine rough. One cylinder not firing?

    I finally got the engine back in the ranger. She fired right up but isn't happy. I thought I got the timing wrong and did a bunch of fiddling with it. Once I was satisfied it wasn't a timing problem, I decided to check to see if the cylinders were all firing. I pulled the pug wires one at...
  14. RayInStl

    Spring Perch Interchange

    Does anyone know if 88-97 spring perches fit the 1983 4x4 trucks? My passenger side perch is getting pretty bad and starting to come away from the frame. I found a company that sells new perches, but it says 88-97. It appears to be the same as my perch but I just want to make sure they didn't...
  15. RayInStl

    Murphy's law in full effect

    I've been working on getting this motor cleaned up, new gaskets, paint, etc, for the past 2 weeks. It's at my brother's place in Festus, about 35 miles from my place in St. Louis. All we had left was to mount the flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate, then throw it back in. Halfway through...
  16. RayInStl

    94 ranger tube manifold on 83 ranger

    My exhaust manifold is cracked. I went to the junk yard today but none of their first gens had the 2.3. I came across a 94 with a 2.3 and did some quick Google searches that indicated that it should work fine on my motor. Everything bolts up fine, but the old manifold had another tube coming...
  17. RayInStl

    Rear main seal fubar. What now?

    I pulled the motor on my 83 Ranger 2.3 4x4 to change the gaskets, rear main seal, and clutch. The rear main seal appears to be mostly missing, which explains why it leaked oil faster than Saudi Arabia can pump it. But how the hell do I get the remaining seal out? It seems like all standard...
  18. RayInStl

    4.0 head bolt hole stripped, what would you do?

    When putting the heads back on my 2002 explorer's block after replacing the timing chains, my mechanic reported that one of the head bolts pulled the threads out of the hole. He said everything seemed to torque down well, but when he was running it to check for leaks, it leaked at the head...
  19. RayInStl

    What the h*ll holds on the slave cylinder??

    I have an 83 Ranger 4x4 with the 4 speed manual. The slave cylinder has started falling off the side of the transmission. I can crawl under and put it back in place, but whatever is supposed to hold it on is either missing or broken. It will stay in place for a little while but it doesn't...
  20. RayInStl

    Bang on floorboard when going over bumps

    I have what feels like something hitting the floor beneath my feet anytime I hit a sudden bump like a pot hole. Initially, I thought it was the radius arm bushings, since it's right around that area. But when I look at them, they don't look loose or bad. They could probably be changed, so I...

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