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  1. airbourneranger

    For Sale Like new OEM suspension parts

    These are from my 2011 Ranger ext cab 4.0 2wd. I have front sway bar links, stock control arm bolts and caster/camber I guess you would call them washers. Stock leaf spring plates and rear suspension bumpers. These would be perfect for someone with a rust rebuild or just going back to...
  2. airbourneranger

    Coyote Engine in a Ranger

    Has anyone tried to put a Gen 3 Coyote and 10spd in a 05 and up Ranger?
  3. airbourneranger

    For Sale C-Notches

    C-Notches from Ricks Rangers for sale. Got these for my Ranger and didn't need them. They are $112 from Rick. I will let them go for $75. Brand new never used. They are heavy, so if you want them shipped it won't be cheap. I will only charge what UPS charges me for shipping. Local pickup...
  4. airbourneranger

    SOLD! Wheels and Tires

    Set of 4 225/70-15 steel wheels and Uniroyal tires for sale. Aprox 800 miles on them. Modified truck no longer need them, taking up too much space. Mounted and balanced, with tpms sensors. Lug nuts center caps included. Located in Greensboro, NC Deal of the century $400
  5. airbourneranger


    Hi guys, are there any long tubes that fit a 4.0 sohc Ranger????
  6. airbourneranger

    Mustang Headers

    Does any one know if Pacesetter 70-3236 Long tubes for 2005 thru 2010 4.0 Mustangs will fit a 2011 4.0 Ranger?
  7. airbourneranger

    2017 Escape 2.0 EB gas mileage

    My wife's Escape has the 2.0 echo boost, auto, awd. Only gets 20 mpg hwy. My 18 GT Mustang gets 27. Why so bad? That's at 70 mph, I've cleaned the maf sensor, but it wasn't bad the cars only got 25,000 miles on it. I love the car but, uses a lot of gas for such a small car.
  8. airbourneranger

    Thanks Eric B.

    Just got my calendars, great job Eric. Thanks
  9. airbourneranger

    "C" Notches

    I got bolt in C Notches from Ricks Rangers. The quality is first rate, and Rick is a great guy. My problem is that my 2011 has all kinds of shit in the way. Brackets welded to the axle tube on both sides to hold all of the brake lines, emerg. brake cable. Connection to the stab. control. All...
  10. airbourneranger

    Installed oil pressure gauge

    I finally found a spot for my oil pressure gauge. Made a plate out of and old picture frame that was textured plastic. Put a tee fitting on the block and reconnected the idiot light and ran the tube for the new gauge both.
  11. airbourneranger

    Overhead and Center Consoles installed

    Took awhile but I got her done. Armrest just came. I'll get more pics tomorrow.
  12. airbourneranger

    S-10 shocks

    Will S-10 front coil overs fit a Ranger. I have looked and can't see any reason they won't. Spring diameter looks ok, and shock mount looks ok. Extended and collapsed lengths look ok. Can I do it?
  13. airbourneranger

    2002 Front Bumper

    will a 2002 front bumper bolt up to a 2011 Ranger
  14. airbourneranger

    Gets lowered tomorrow

    My friends shop is now back open. He's letting me use a lift for a couple of days to install 4/5 DJM kit. I will be starting tomorrow morning, can't wait. I will have some pictures.
  15. airbourneranger

    For Sale UPR drain plug

    I have this billet oil drain, made by UPR, won't break like the plastic factory one, and has a good magnet. 2018 and newer 5.0 Fords. $30 + shipping This has been used for 1 oil change. Still like new.
  16. airbourneranger

    What other trans

    I am thinking about a 5.0 or to be exact 347 in my ranger. I want auto trans. What are my options besides C-4 , FMX , AOD ? Any custom bell housings to adapt something newer?
  17. airbourneranger

    Odometer in 2011 Ranger

    I'm looking at a white faced gauge cluster to replaced my blackface. It's listed as having 123,000 miles on it. If I remember right the mileage is stored in the computer in the truck not the gauge cluster. So this should show my mileage not the mileage on the truck it came out of --------------...
  18. airbourneranger

    Anyone looking for shocks

    Check out the shock warehouse. KYB Strut and Shock Measurements - Shockwarehouse.com KYB, Monroe, Bilstein charts with lengths, mount style and mount dimensions. It really helped me. Most places won't take the time to go through all this.
  19. airbourneranger

    shocks for 4/5 drop

    What are you guys running for shocks front and rear with a 4/5 drop? DJM is having trouble getting shocks due to covid 19. I have their specs but can't find anything that will work. 2011 Ranger rwd coil springs
  20. airbourneranger

    2011 tailgate emblem alignment holes

    does the 2011 tailgate have emblem alignment holes or is it smooth?

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