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  1. That_4.0_ranger

    2.9 barely runs sounds like it’s only running on 2 cylinders need help asap

    I was leaving my neighbors house and the truck dies it is barely running sounds like it is only running on 2 cylinders I have no idea what is wrong if anyone can tell me some sensors to test or even a temporary fix to get it home I would really appreciate it thanks
  2. That_4.0_ranger

    87 ford ranger will no longer start need help

    So I finally did the ring gear on my 87 and got it running and driving but my clutch safety wasn’t working so I parked the truck to fix it and then I went to test it and it sounded like battery dying because it would slowly crank and the the solenoid click a bunch but I had it hooked to my full...
  3. That_4.0_ranger

    Wanting to do a 302 swap eventually in a 91

    Im thinking about doing a ford 302 swap in the near future an was wondering on what all i need to complete the swap. Transmission, headers, motor mounts, trans mounts, t case, etc. Also wondering what to do about my computer in the truck because i plan to go to an older carburetor motor. Thanks...
  4. That_4.0_ranger

    Just installed a 4in roughcountry lift need help

    So i recently installed a 4in rough country lift kit with new rear leaf springs and im having an issue that whenever i take off no matter what it has a really bad shake throughout the whole truck but it goes away after a couple seconds. It is in the rear somewhere cant quite figure it out. Hope...
  5. That_4.0_ranger

    Welp time to turn the ranger into a death trap.

    Well ive decided to get a lift for my truck since im working on a budget im gonna go with the 4in rough country with the replacement springs. The rear of the truck is a no brainer but the front looks a bit more complicated is there any recommendations or tips to lifting these old ttb front ends?
  6. That_4.0_ranger

    lund visor wondering if it will fit?

    i found a Lund moon visor for sale on eBay it says it will fit my truck but its listed as an explorer/ranger visor here's a pic of the ad the truck i want this for is a 91 extended cab thanks in advance
  7. That_4.0_ranger

    warn tras4mer brush guard mounting

    i got a warn trans4mer brush guard i was told it came off a toyota and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas about mounting it
  8. That_4.0_ranger

    intermittent ticking in top end?

    hello so recently my 4.0l has been making a ticking sound in the top end like sounds like the common sound of a loose rocker but its intermittent (happens more often at idle but sometimes at higher rpms) has this happened to anyone? thanks in advance.
  9. That_4.0_ranger

    broke the crapy auto hubs (figures)

    i busted the front hubs when i got stuck a few days ago and about to do the manual hub swap but cant decide on a brand so far ive found 3 options Warn, Mile Marker and Rugged Ridge any suggestions on what to get i know Warn is a good brand but anybody tried the other two brands?
  10. That_4.0_ranger

    diesel ranger $1200 on market place

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/490601222501689/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post could be a good project for someone with the time and money
  11. That_4.0_ranger

    A4ld compacity

    how many quarts of atf should i put in my a4ld?
  12. That_4.0_ranger

    thinking about a sub setup

    thinking about doing a sub and amp in my 91 super cab any recommendations?
  13. That_4.0_ranger

    SOLD! 1990 ranger 8.8 lsd

    i have a 8.8 ranger rear end out of a 1990 its got 3:73 gears and its an lsd asking $150 obo or might trade for certain ranger parts let me know if your interested.
  14. That_4.0_ranger

    4.0 making a strange noise

    when my truck is idling its making a strange sound almost like relay clicking but when you turn off the truck it gets louder and you can feel a thud like someone is punching the side of the truck and when it clicks the lower radiator hose pulses.
  15. That_4.0_ranger

    help me understand......

    so me and some buddies were playing with a basket ball in a foot and a half of snow (i know were a bunch of fricken einsteins) anyway the ball bounced off something and hit my truck. upon further inspection the damn basket ball dented my quarter panel now someone help me understand this.
  16. That_4.0_ranger

    factory ford brush guard mounting.

    dose anyone have pics of the original stx brush guard mounts or pics of how you mounted yours thanks.
  17. That_4.0_ranger

    who says rangers cant tow?

    this is why we love rangers
  18. That_4.0_ranger

    Wanted factory ford tailgate trim letters

    i recently got a tailgate trim for my truck but im missing the O and R from it here's a picture of what im talking about if you have the original letters for one of these trim pieces let me know because i'm having trouble finding them. Thanks.
  19. That_4.0_ranger

    welp........... time for studs

    screw it i'm not taking chances anymore just got home from school/ my moms trucks crash site. comin around a corner doin about 15 mph saw a guy on the side of the road stuck so we turned sharp to avoid hitting him( we couldn't see him till we had to turn) but when we turned to stay on the other...
  20. That_4.0_ranger

    snow...... and some icy roads

    we got our first official snow last night here in the south Washington mountains but we got our share of ice thats just the start of it we will soon have a foot or two. but i tell you im just finding out that the ice aint to fun. when i was on my way home last night the roads iced up quick and...

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