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  1. 1.slow.pitt.ranger

    10 wides on 89-92 2wd

    Just in case you anyone was wondering you can fit a 15x10 on stock suspension. I used a 205/65 tire and stretched it and it fits with no rubbing even at full lock.
  2. 1.slow.pitt.ranger

    Anyone know about 89-92 clear turn signals???

    Does anybody know where I can buy some clear 89-92 turn signals and maybe the side markers??? Thanks for the help in advance:)
  3. 1.slow.pitt.ranger

    Anyone know of a stillen body kit still around?

    Ive seen this body kit actually on amazon (says its unavailable but heres the link anyways https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DP5T27O?tag=autopilot07-20) just want to know if anybody has any information on this kit. Thanks in advance:headbang:

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