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  1. Good deals on ranger stuff...

    I thought i would start a thread on good deals for ranger parts, as prices for everything are going up...first one is k&n gold oil filter for 94-2000? 3.0l. For $6.44!
  2. Coil packs

    Is there any difference in the 2. 3.0 coil packs or wiring, other than the plug placement? One is top plug & one is side plug. I was going to get a spare from the junkyard the other day but the plug in was in the wrong location & was wondering if i could make it work in case of emergency.
  3. '97 3.0 wont go into reverse or park, shifter sloppy.

    Last night, my shifter just went "limp". It will go into drive & neutral, but it is very hard to get into reverse, if at all and has no park. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet & was wondering if this was a common problem or am i just going to have to figure it out. On a side note, it has...

    I am still looking for a set of 95-97 factory fog light brackets. I have chased a couple of dead end leads. I have been looking for these stupid things for 2 years. Cash or trade, i have a pull a part local to me with a good amount of rangers & expos, so i can get alot of different parts.
  5. 3.8 to 3.0 header swap?

    I was at the local pull a part today poking around & came across a 3.8 v6 mustang with a nice set of headers on it. My question is, is there any chance that these fit a 3.0? Just curious because i could get them really cheap, & they look new.
  6. 8.8 axle swap?

    Ive been searching the local pull a part for an 8.8 l/s 4.10 axle for awhile & today i finally found one. Problem is somebody pulled the pass side axle out already. What other 8.8 axle will fit? Explorer? Sport track? This one is the only ranger 8.8 ive found, so im going to buy it, just...
  7. Steering wheel swap?

    Do any other ford 'wheels fit a ranger? Are they even interchangeable year to year on just rangers? I don't really care about the airbag or even the horn working. Mine is kinda crusty i may swap it out with a pull a part unit.
  8. 97 3.0 2wd ext cab driveshaft swap

    Is there factory 1 piece shaft i can swap in my truck to get rid of the 2 piece with carrier bearing that i have now? Its a 2wd truck, x cab.
  9. Newb here

    New guy here, im from Knoxville Tn. Just bought 97 ranger 3.0 extended cab. Just looking to find out all the quirks & things related to the ranger.

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