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  1. Grunizzle

    Military beadlocks/tires

    If anyone is considering military beadlocks and tires, checkout our video on three different ways to remove the runflat UAitx_rHe00
  2. Grunizzle

    DIY CO2 setup

    I get a lot of questions about my CO2 setup that I built for my rig, we put together a short video showing how to make your own and some of the advantages of the CO2 setup. Check it out: https://youtu.be/n5lyJ_IzJ9E
  3. Grunizzle

    ATTN 2nd gen owners

    I have a source that McNeil racing can make a raptor grill for 2nd gen rangers and explorers. A $200 price is what is needed for 3 more people. If you are interested please PM me. Also no flakes.
  4. Grunizzle

    dana 44 axle help

    I bought this axle from someone already disassembled and I am dropping it off tomorrow to get regeared and I just noticed this driver side: passenger side: So how toast is this axle?
  5. Grunizzle

    superlift orv park

    Weather was very nice today so I took a short trip to the park. I ran a few class 3 and a couple class 4 trails. The video is of gorge and north trail, both are 4s. The snow melt off the last couple days made all the rocks wet and slick!
  6. Grunizzle

    Superlift ORV park 01/16

    I know its last minute but I figured I'd put it out there anyway. ScottyJ and I are heading to the superlift park in hot springs and plan to be there at about 9 AM, all are welcome
  7. Grunizzle

    91 ranger driver brake line help

    Ok well I was adding my extended brake lines to my truck and on the driver side brake line there is 2 hard lines going into one block (the one mounted on the coil bucket) then it goes into the rubber line down to the caliper. My question is does anyone else have this and what have they used to...
  8. Grunizzle

    another heater problem

    I have a 91 with the 4.0 v6 with no air conditioning. My blower works great and I have solid air flow at all settings but I just do not get hot air. My engine temp gauge is reading where it should be. The air just barely changes temperature from full cold to full heat. I do not know where to...
  9. Grunizzle

    Life/Bucket List

    I just read through Outside magazines life list and wanted to make my own, and here it is! I think it is interesting to see what people put on their lists, post them up! -Go skydiving -Drive the Rubicon Trail -Visit Moab Utah -Backpack through one state on the pacific Crest Trail -Learn to play...
  10. Grunizzle

    bumpstops for a trail rig

    My bumpstops are not wore out or anything, actually I am surprised how durable they are and intact for being from 1991, but they are very solid lol. My question is: Anyone have any recomendations for some replacement bumpstops that dont make our teeth rattle and neck snap lol. I am just looking...
  11. Grunizzle

    Duff lift hardware

    I bought a used duff lift and it didn't come with any hardware. I was just curious if anyone had a build of materials list or something for the TTB drop brackets so I know what bolt sizes to get and not just half ass guess. I tried emailing duff but no luck. thanks
  12. Grunizzle

    moving front speaker location

    I was thinking about how nice half doors would be today and then I thought of how much I would miss my front speakers. But then I got to thinking about moving the front speakers and mounting them up in between the B pillar and roof or something like that. Has anyone done anyhting like this? I...
  13. Grunizzle

    i'm 21. My first drink is....

    I just turned 21 today! I have drank plenty of times before (though not any in the last year) and I am going out with my friends tonight but I can't decide what to have my first drink be! I enjoy beer and my experience on mix drinks is pretty small. Anybody have some input what to try?
  14. Grunizzle

    hub may be going bad

    Well I suspected at first the ratcheting rotational noise was the wheel bearings at first. After inspecting and re-packing them I think it is my warn manual hub. I believe when the bearing failed a month ago the hub may have been damaged (although 4x4 still works). I looked inside the hub and...
  15. Grunizzle

    Detroit locker and 8.8 question

    I am doing a 31 spline 8.8 swap soon and installing 4.56 gears, and detroit locker in it as well. My question is will any 31 spline 8.8 detroit locker fit in it? I have seen some web sites selling detroits for 87 and newer axles, some selling detroits for 4.88 and up axles... One on bronco...
  16. Grunizzle

    2'' lift setup

    I changed my plans of doing a 3'' bracket lift to just doing a 1.5-2'' lift primarily because I do not have a garage to undertake ripping the suspension completely apart. So here is what my plan is. I bought some skyjacker 2'' lift coils so far. I am planning to buy the following: - 2'' add a...
  17. Grunizzle

    Superlift ORV park pic whorrage

    Ok so today me and a buddy went to Super lift offroad park in Hot Springs AR. This was my first time there since I moved here about 2 months ago. Overall it was really awesome. I could do almost every class 3! My truck impressed me today, and stunned a lot of other people. I especially liked...
  18. Grunizzle

    Thermostat and gauge question.

    I have a 1991 4.0l ranger I just put in a third thermostat since I bought it. The previous 2 seemed to cold and the last one I think got stuck open or wouldn't close all the way. Anyway I put in my new one today and when I go test it out on the road, it warmed up to where the needle went right...
  19. Grunizzle

    Mud connection 4x4, Littlerock AR

    I wasn't really sure if I should put this here or the regional forums, but I thought here would be better for a bigger audience. Mods feel free to move this if you so desire... So I just moved to Littlerock about a month ago from the great PNW. I have visited a couple offroad shops in the area...
  20. Grunizzle

    Hazards not working

    Sorry to post another blinking light problem lol, but I can't seem to figure this out. Ok the problem is my hazard lights do not come on at all unless the button is activated and the brakes are pressed in. Then all four lights come on, however no blinking action goes on, they are just steady. I...

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