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  1. Scott B.

    OBD I Error Code 63

    My 93 with a 5.0L has been sitting for a while. I have been tinkering with it, and am getting an error code 63. Given the error, and erratic idle, I assumed the throttle position sensor was bad. I put a new one on, and the idle was a little (not much) better. However, I am still getting a 63...
  2. Scott B.

    Fuel Pump Question

    My '93 needs a new fuel pump. Looking at RockAuto, I see a Motorcraft pump assembly for $262, and a Delphi assembly for $75. What makes the $200 difference? What are good brands to buy, and ones to stay away from.? When I did the V8 swap, I learned there was a difference in cheap parts and...
  3. Scott B.

    For Sale Ford Fuel Injection and ECC-IV Manual

    Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control book. Covers all EEC-IV systems on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury 1988 - 1993 $25.00 gets it delivered to your door.
  4. Scott B.

    For Sale Ranger Brochures

    Ranger Brochures - 2003 through 2011, minus 2006 These are like new. Nostalgia at its finest! $10.00 gets them delivered to you.
  5. Scott B.

    Rear Shock Length Question

    On my Ranger, I have Deaver leaf springs, inverted shackles and I turned the axle shock mounts up so they do not hang down below the axle tube. Needless to say, I get lots of droop travel (30.75" left, 28.75" right). Unfortunately, using a shock that allows for the droop travel eliminates most...
  6. Scott B.

    Reservoir vs. non Shocks

    I am about to upgrade my rear Rancho RS9000s to Bilsteins. The question is, will reservoir shocks provide better dampening and control than non-res shocks on a truck that is not a desert racer? I do run in the desert, and enjoy the whoops, but I do not jump or otherwise abuse the truck...
  7. Scott B.

    5.0L Running Rich

    As the title says, my 5.0L is running rich. You can smell it in the exhaust, and the mileage is not great. It starts and runs fine. Currently has 18K miles on it. In my '93 Ranger, I have a '91 Mustang A9P ECU and no EGR. The EGR is bypassed with resistors to stop the computer from throwing...
  8. Scott B.

    AOD Operation Question

    I am running an AOD behind my 5.0L. It is build quite stout (from Performance Automotive and Transmission Center) with wide ratio gears and a 2500 RPM stall converter. The problem is, when I am going slow (on or off road), the trans climbs through the gears way too fast. It can be in 3rd at...
  9. Scott B.

    TTB Long Travel Question

    In an effort to increase the wheel travel of my TTB, I am about to change the shock mounts to F-250 towers and longer Bilstein shocks. I also plan to change the (old, tired) Rancho spring for one with a lower, 300 - 325 lb. rating. The question is, while I am at it, should I raise (or replace)...
  10. Scott B.

    Scott B.'s Sleeping Platform Build

    I have owned my truck since new (1993) and put an ARE Series 7 shell on it in 2000 - but to date, I have never slept in the truck. All my camping has been in a tent. I planned a 2-week trip to the desert in the spring of 2011. We planned to run the Mojave Road for 3 days, then spend 6 days in...
  11. Scott B.

    Headlights - who makes good ones?

    I would like to replace the headlights on my '93. Searching eBay, etc., finds many replacements. The question is, which one(s) work, and which are junk? I wouldn't mind switching to a project style light if they work. I don't think I will swap in HID - 9007s are pretty bright. I run...
  12. Scott B.

    Tach reading High

    As I work through the final issues of the 5.0L V8 swap, I have a question about my tach. The truck is a '93 (with factory tach). I attached a jumper wire on the back of the tack to convert it to 8 cylinder. The idle speed reads very close to correct. The problem is, as engine speed...
  13. Scott B.

    Fuel Pump Power Problem

    As I am nearing the end of the V8 conversion project, I powered up the computer to test the wiring. (I have not started the engine, yet.) I am using a Ron Davis engine wiring harness - to that, I have adapted the truck's chassis harness. IOW, I am using my original fuel pump circuitry (power...
  14. Scott B.

    Extra V8 Parts

    Seeing as I am about finished with my V8 swap, I find that I have a pile of extra/leftover/not used parts from my donor engine. Is there much of a market for these? I don't necessarily care to get much/any money for them, but I hate to just throw everything away. But, shipping might be cost...
  15. Scott B.

    Value of a 4.0L OHV

    I swapped in a 5.0 in my '93 Ranger, and would like to sell the 4.0. Any idea what it is worth? 1993 4.0 OHV 320,000 miles - runs well, doesn't burn oil Complete exhaust system, including cats. Computer (automatic trans) and engine wiring harness Intake (factory '93 and '95 Explorer for CAI)...
  16. Scott B.

    Rear Leaf Springs

    I would like to replace the leaf springs on the back of my '06 Level II. They are sagging. :sad: The truck is not lifted (only a torsion twist to level the front end) and does not see any serious off-roading (I save that for my '93.) I do tow a small boat with this truck. Searching the net...
  17. Scott B.

    Radiator Hoses

    Does anyone have the part numbers of the radiator hoses you used? I tried Fox-bodied Mustang hoses, but they don't quite fit. Also, the stock Ranger lower hose doesn't quite fit either. I know I can go to the auto supply and look and measure, but I thought I might try to save some time (and...
  18. Scott B.

    AOD Shifter Question

    I'm installing an AOD behind the 302 in my '93. Any thoughts/suggestions as to attach the truck shift cable to the trans? The shift cable expects a ball-on-a-stud, and the trans lever has a hole, expecting a shift rod. I assume I can just attach a ball-on-stud to the trans shift lever, right?
  19. Scott B.

    Engine Computer Question

    Those of you running fuel injected V8s - what engine computer are you using? I am putting a '94-vintage 302 in my '93 4WD, and am wiring it as a '93 (OBD-I). My current plan is to use an A9L computer (the "preferred" Mustang computer.) I plan to use a Ron Francis wiring harness, which...
  20. Scott B.

    2nd Gen Explorer Seats into Ranger

    Has anyone tried to mount 2nd Gen Ex Sport seats into an extra cab Ranger? I see they are not a direct bolt-in, but are close. Just looking for any adaptation suggestions. Thanks.

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