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  1. NeverStock

    Cruise shuts off when I use a blinker

    I really don't know what to look for on this one. Every now and then my truck's cruise will shut off if I use my blinker. If I shut the truck off it will some times quit and work normally. It's a 96 ranger stx with the 4.0. I thought maybe there was a short in the steering column but there are...
  2. NeverStock

    How do I tune a 94 4.0 with forced induction

    I have a 94 ranger with the 4.0 and would like to install a turbo however I have no idea how I could tune it as it is OBD1. Are there any chips I could use that would allow me to tune it myself or perhaps with a dyno?
  3. NeverStock

    Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Questions

    My 94 4.0 recently developed a dead spot at full throttle which most people fixed by replacing the FPR. I would like to add an adjustable regulator however it seems I would have some problems hooking up to the fuel rail due to how the stock FPR mounts to it also the stock FPR does not have a...

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