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  1. mtipton

    2.9 starting issue

    I’ve got a 92 ranger and it’s been a bit of a mild restoration project. I’m having an issue on startup where it will start but almost immediately die. But if I go and start it again it will stay running. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel lines from tank to engine. Also...
  2. mtipton

    2.9 RPM

    Is there a way on these 2.9’s to check and verify the actual RPM? My tach is reading atleast 5-600 too high
  3. mtipton

    Ashtray light

    What turns off the ashtray light? It’s wired directly to the cigarette plug. I don’t see a switch that would trigger the light when the ashtray opens. Or maybe I’m missing that?
  4. mtipton

    Some odd electrical problems

    So, a bit of a backstory. The truck was taken completely apart and had been sitting for about 3 years. I’ve got it all back together now and am having a few electrical issues. Blower motor doesn’t work I have no dash illumination lights. Although the dash lights do turn on and get brighter...
  5. mtipton

    Another “What is this plug for?”

    Have this plug on the passenger fender apron, next to the starter relay. Can’t find anything that it would plug into it. Any ideas?
  6. mtipton

    Anyone know what this plug is for?

    Hey, I’ve got a plug that I can’t seem to figure out what it goes to. It looks to be for a relay? passenger fender near heater box it’s a 92 2.9 Manual everything no a/c
  7. mtipton

    1990 Bronco Trans and Tcase

    Hey, I'm sure it's covered somewhere but I can't find it. Is a transmission (m5r2) and tcase (bw1356) from a 90 fullsize bronco the same as one from a 92-96 f150. Only difference I can find would be the bronco has a fixed yoke compared to the f150's slip yoke which would be in my favor. Thanks
  8. mtipton

    92 sas

    Alright, figured I'd make a build thread for this one. The dana 35 is on its way out so instead of throwin money at it, I decided I'd rather scrap it. So I started to collect some parts. found a exploder already SAS'd for sale, got the guy just to sell me the axles. there out of a jeep...
  9. mtipton

    james duff radius arms

    do fullsize radius arms for the 78-79 bronco work on the ranger frame? I'm doing my Sas using a waggy Dana 44 with the weld on wedges
  10. mtipton

    Coils springs

    so, I'm collecting parts for my sas, and want a nice pair of coils. Just wanted to get some opinions on different coils and how they ride. Its going to be my DD so I don't want it to be hard as a rock.
  11. mtipton

    quick question

    OK, so I'm doing a SAS on my ranger, all i need to know is how much lift do the eb 5.5'' coils give. Yes i have searched but have not found a straight answer thanks
  12. mtipton

    Jeep Wagoneer SAS?

    Hey, so i can get a dana 44 from a wagoneer, the guy has it in an exploder as of now all set up but is parting it out. The axle is out of an 84, but has warn manual hubs now instead of the vacuum disconnect. How does one of these axles compare to an EB dana 44 and is it worth throwin in my...
  13. mtipton


    Alright, since I cannot find front cut-out flares for my 92, I was wondering if anyone had taken flares from a 1st gen ranger and made them fit on a 2nd gen. Yes i know they need to be cut.
  14. mtipton

    Double Din '92 Ranger?

    has anyone ever put a 7'' touch screen into a '92 ranger dash? if so i want to see pictures. I got a alpine touch screen for free after my dad got a new one from his work and was going to put it in but wanted to see how people did it with their own:icon_thumby:
  15. mtipton

    Where to buy cut out flares

    So apparently bushwacker does not mold the front cut out flares for the 89-92 ranger anymore, cant seem to find the flares anywhere. If anyone knows where i can get my hands on a pair let me know!
  16. mtipton

    dana 44 full width question

    okay well I've searched but have found nothing that fully answers my question. so i can get my hands on a 1978 dana 44 from a f-150 with coils radius arms and the works. I was curious as how do you get the coils to line up with the axle and the bucket seeing as how the fullwidth will be a wider...
  17. mtipton

    8.8 gear question

    will gears for an 8.8 work with both 28 and 31 splined axles? or do you need a specific gear for each
  18. mtipton

    Some new pictures

    haven't posted any pictures so i thought now would be a good time :icon_cheers: just after the fresh paintjob
  19. mtipton

    Starter Issue

    hey guys, I'm having this problem with my starter, the truck turns on fine and everything, but the starter stays engaged for maybe a second or 2 after the truck has started then it will stop everytime. i thought maybe it was my starter but no that wasnt the problem, the relay on the fender, i...
  20. mtipton

    Hard to start, won't idle

    Hey guys, First time posting on this site, figured you guys could help me out here Okay the deal is i recently decided it was time to give the old 2.9 a new life. I pulled it cleaned it all up and sent it to a local machine shop to do all the work. They cleaned up the block, bored it .30 over...

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