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  1. broncc

    Odometer Thread

    I have seen several other forums have a thread where people post their high mileage cars. I did a quick search here and couldn't easily find one. I figure I'll start one here. Maybe we will even find the highest mile truck on the forum! My 1989 B2 just rolled over 240k last night. Its had a...
  2. broncc

    1994 4.0 A/C Mystery Component

    I'm trying to vacuum my newly installed A/C system and I discovered a leak... Well, its more of a hole. This is taken from the perspective of behind and below of the A/C compressor. This is the line that goes to the "high side" of the system. This is an aftermarket A/C hose, but the original...
  3. broncc

    Starter Wire Routing

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I took my explorer apart to swap into my bronco 2. I have had the starter wire just resting on the frame because I couldn't remember exactly how it went. I was wondering if any OHV owners could help me place these wires. I suspect my frame is missing...
  4. broncc

    89 Bronco II Build Thread

    Hey guys here is my bronco 2 build so basiclly i started with this and then i put this in thanks for reading my thread
  5. broncc

    For Sale 2.9L V6s & FM146 for Parts or Repair

    Here is enough parts to make one good 2.9 or save a couple. Asking $200 or whatever. North east Mass. I have a crane, bring a truck. Here are the highlights but not everything: 1990? 2.9 with good heads and oil level sensing pan, block VERY worn, bad bearings, automatic 1987? 2.9 with good...
  6. broncc

    No Spark After Parts Cannon

    Hello everyone. I have a '94 OHV with EGR that I'm trying to get running. It fuels fine but I have no spark. At the EDIS box I have; power, ground, a good crank position signal verified by scope, and continuity to the coils. Manually grounding a coil causes the engine to burp. There is no...
  7. broncc

    Steering Wheel Woes

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to swap my 89 Bronco II base steering column out for a tilting cruise wheel from my parts 94 explorer. The explorer column is unfortunately so rotten that it is unusable. Does anyone have a writeup on how to swap just the tilting part of a column over? Would adapting...
  8. broncc

    Delete 93-11 White Manual Ranger Doors

    Located North Shore Mass, USA Don't have the ranger any more so I don't care to finish the doors. Hardly any rust. Incomplete body work.
  9. broncc

    4.0L "Hybrid" M5 Transmission

    This is meant to be a supplement to the tech library packet here. Explanation: The M5 came standard on nearly every Ranger and RBV from 1988 to 2011. They are generally considered to be good transmissions, especially when compared to the Mitsubishi units used before. The transmissions mated to...
  10. broncc

    Just needed to say something about how the early rangers were put together

    I'm shocked that this is how ford made the wiper gutter. I am tracking down all the leaks to weld them up while I have the bronco apart for its swap. I pour some water in the gutter to see if the leak repair is a dashboard out type job... WHO thought that aiming the spout of the gutter right...
  11. broncc

    Synchronizer Choice

    Hello all, I'm putting one transmission together out of two and I noticed that they have different styles of synchronizer. Avoiding the ehtics of reusing a wear item, I'd like to learn something about them. The top is an aftermarket from a previously rebuilt transmission. The bottom is the...
  12. broncc

    What sort of gear do you always carry in your truck?

    I'm curious where everyone stands with confidence or paranoia in your trucks. I personally keep quite a lot. I have used it all to either get myself home or much more often friends/family home. Up front I have: notebook, ear plugs, microfiber, EZ pass, Convoy s2+ with spare batteries...
  13. broncc

    Rare Bronco Options

    Hey, bit of an out-there post. I was scrolling through the options catalog for the bronco/ranger someone had uploaded here. Do you think any of the bronco ski racks survive? I think once I'm "done" sorting out the car, this would make an excellent final touch. I think it would be very important...
  14. broncc

    OHV Bearing Cap Sealing Question

    Hello everyone, today I'm putting my engine back together. I was rooting through the seal kit I bought and I am unsure how it is supposed to go together. Here you can see the parts of the seal for the rear cap. When I took the motor apart I distinctly remember a plastic piece in the groove of...
  15. broncc

    My Mini Ranger

    I just discovered this section of the forum. It seems fitting to post a model of my ranger that was gifted to me. Its a small 3d print painted to match my old ranger. It even sports the the bricks I loaded into the bed each winter to make traction. Or I can drop in a symbol of all the two...
  16. broncc

    The First Gen Facelift Conspiracy

    It started with a little disappointment. Then turned into annoyance. Now its full on paranoia. Since before I have purchased my Bronco II there has been a small dent in the front bumper. I am not too upset because the chrome is in good shape and its not contacting the body. Most people won't...
  17. broncc

    OHV EGR Delete

    Hello everyone. I have a 94 manual trans 4.0 that I'm rebuilding to put into my Bronco. The fittings for the EGR tube are completely irreparable and EGR manifolds seem to be discontinued. Does anyone have stock, non-EGR bin file that I could flash on my ECU? I've poked around this forum and...
  18. broncc

    Photos of your car but from very far away

    I'll start.
  19. broncc

    M5R1/R2 Hybrid Build

    I have a lead on a cheap R2 transmission that I would like to dissect to build my R1. I know the R2 has a different bolt pattern, probably bearings, etc. Ideally, I would take the 3.9:1 first from the R2 to replace the 3.4:1 in my R1. What I do not know is if the first gear will fit in my R1...
  20. broncc

    The Long Link Question

    I have a Bronco II with d28 (very soon to be d35) front suspension. Currently it has a 4" Rough Country on it. Combine this with my 31" tires and I rub when I turn. In this thread I intend to focus on getting the sway bar out of the way. The kit just drops the stock frame mounts down 4" and...

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