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  1. dangeranger88

    99 Ranger IFS aftermarket replacements--need advice

    Today I realized that my wheel bearing/hub assembly on the drivers side tire is completely shot, in addition to my tie rod ends...and I'm sure my 33" MTs are to blame...so I was wondering if anyone could advise on good performance aftermarket replacements that can handle these big tires? Thanks...
  2. dangeranger88

    Defrost/Vent / vacuum issues?

    I'm having this issue with my 1999 Ranger XLT with the 3.0 -- When I am going up a hill at 3000RPM or higher, the vents will start blowing through the defrost. Its very annoying! Does anyone have any ideas about this? I assume its some sort of vacuum issue...I also know that this model had...
  3. dangeranger88

    I think my starter is dead, BUT....

    Okay, here's the situation. I knew the starter or something was about to go after i'd start my truck and here a slight squeal (off the flywheel?) after starting. But now, my truck is sitting in the driveway, and to get the starter to do anything I have to jump it. The battery is BRAND NEW, and...
  4. dangeranger88

    4x4 on rainy roads?

    What do you guys think of say 4x4 hi on wet roads? As some of you Pennsylvanians might now it has been pretty pissy/rainy outside and i am tired of spinning out on every damn corner. Ive been pondering this but not sure if it would be good for the drivetrain or what not. What do you guys think?
  5. dangeranger88

    Some Wheelin Pics, first rock crawling experience! (sorta!)

    So I tagged along with some guys in the area to a local offroad trail called trails road...thought i'd share some photography! Some 3 wheelin' TK's purple rig Not bad for stock suspension :icon_thumby: look how purple tk's ranger is ha ha
  6. dangeranger88

    Just got back from the shop, front wheel feels like its gonna fly off over bumps??

    So I just got my rear axle seals replaced and wheel cylinders and shoes, all on the rear, but when I got it back yesterday, I noticed that when I make a hard right turn, what seems to be the passenger front wheel shakes violently and it feels like the wheel is gonna fly off. This also happens...
  7. dangeranger88

    Removed trailer brake light socket..no brake lights???

    So when I put my rear bumper back on after my lift, I decided to remove the connector for where you'd plug a trailer brake light thing into. So, like an idiot I just tin snipped the wires off because I didn't have the stupid tiny torque fitting that required, and it was too corroded anyway. So...
  8. dangeranger88

    Messin' around a stone pile, featuring new 3" lift and 33s :)

    Well I finally got my body lift done and Monday I went to pick up my new Procomp MTs (33x12.50) on Mickey Thompson Classics. I think she turned out pretty good! <He he, IFS loves flex! :icon_bounceblue: Coming soon - painting frame, new axle seal and rear brake :annoyed:, some homemade...
  9. dangeranger88

    Homemade Gap Guards??

    To all with the 3" body lift on newer rangers, and perhaps those on older ones as well. I know someone here has made homemade gap guards, and I'm curious as to what material you used and the best way to attach it up in the fenders. My dad seems to think that rubber would rot and maybe a flexible...
  10. dangeranger88

    Wheel width for 33x12.50?

    Hi guys, I couldn't find anything about the proper wheel width for this size tire. I currently have the 3" PA body lift and need to get a new set of rims before i get my new tires...but I'm not sure what width to get? Would an 8" do? or would a 10" be better? Thanks for your input!
  11. dangeranger88

    Just installed PA body lift, and all of a sudden CD player doesnt work???

    Hey guys, just as the title says I just completed my body lift today, and viola, go to drive, and my Pioneer stereo is dead. I checked all wires and fuses I possibly could, and everything looks fine. Also have a pair of aftermarket foglites and one of them quit working (pretty sure it isn't...
  12. dangeranger88

    3: PA body lift - 99 ranger - rear bumper??

    I was wondering of those who have done the 3" lift for a 4th gen how you went about installing the rear bumper brackets. Me and a buddy are trying to figure this one out and plus two of the bolts are insanely tight so we're hoping those bolts wont needed to be removed. If anyone could post a...
  13. dangeranger88

    Opinions on/differences of BFG MTs and Firestone Destination MTs?

    I think I've narrowed it down to one of these two. What are your opinions, which do you think is better? I'm about to get my new 33's next week :-) Want to make sure I get the right ones. Thanks! Also, which ones are generally cheaper? I can't find local online quotes for places near me, guess...
  14. dangeranger88

    3.0L + 33's?

    What do you guys think of this setup? I have yet to clean up my rear's inspection tag to see what gears I have although I'm quite sure theyre 3.73. Anyone run 33's on em? How much slower is this setup? or maybe I should go with 32x11.50s? any help is appreciated as my lift is being installed in...
  15. dangeranger88

    PA 3" body lift and tow hooks?

    Hi everyone, I plan on installing this lift within the next few weeks, and i'm wondering how this will affect my front tow hooks. Will I have to remove the part of the bumper underneath them altogether? I just think it will look weird but i dont really know...any help thanks
  16. dangeranger88

    First Mud!!!

    Well so today, being as warm as it was, a coworker invited me to go to this mudhole he knew of by the Susquehanna (he has a 2000 Ranger). Real nice and muddy after the snow and ice melting! One of his friends with an 04 Tacoma showed up, and a passerby with a real nice 92 Ranger stopped by to...
  17. dangeranger88

    another 79 F150 beauty

    just thought I'd share. This beast is for sale locally in my area...damn I wish i could get it. wish there was a pic of it with the gumbo mudders though :icon_twisted: http://york.craigslist.org/cto/984447450.html
  18. dangeranger88

    The Winch.

    So, in preparations for running to the hills when the world starts ending around me, I thought maybe it would be wise to get a winch on my truck. Plus I think they look darn cool. But, I don't know anything about them, and the few I saw in the 5000-6000lb rating are over 400 dollars (not trying...
  19. dangeranger88

    How Did Your Heads Blow/Crack?

    This seems to be a common problem with these engines. POST YOUR STORY! A week after I bought my ranger @ 74,000 miles I got the check engine light with the code that says engine running too cool. So I got a new thermostat to put in--and viola--there wasn't even one installed! The previous...
  20. dangeranger88

    What do you think of this product--Gibson Split Rear?

    Does anyone know anything about this particular system? They all say 2wd. but i have a standard cab/short bed like a lot of the 2wd rangers. I dont have a welder (unless the good ole propane torch qualifies ;missingteeth; and It looks pretty cool and easy to install if it is simply bolt on and...

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