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  1. black_demon69

    Dinosaurs running AMOK today.....

    Jurassic park in AZ today to escape the 100 plus temps today 😁
  2. black_demon69

    just thought this was interesting

  3. black_demon69

    this is a really really clean 94 ranger

    she has a few videos on this ranger
  4. black_demon69

    93 f150 dual tank fuel pump issue

    I know not a ranger :cry: I have a 93 f150 4.9l with dual tanks and the front tank runs great without issue when you switch to the rear tank it will run fine for a min or 2 but then seems to loose fuel pressure until you swap back to the front tank. it will idle all day long on the rear...
  5. black_demon69

    2005 f250 5.4l crank no start need direction

    05 ford f250 5.4l crank no start there are currently no codes there is no spark or injector pulse it does have fuel pressure. I am thinking cam / crank sensors ? it had alot of codes mostly related to the cylinder head temp sensor and the throttle plate motor all of those have been cleard. I...
  6. black_demon69

    2.3L ('83-'97) 93 ranger exhaust gets red hot

    2.3l exhaust gets red hot . have checked and replaced timing belt timing is dead on . head had leaky valves so head was pulled to do a valve job. there are no vacuum leaks. o2 sensor has been replaced spark plugs replaced all 8 fuel pressure is good.. any suggestions to the cause of...
  7. black_demon69

    2.3L ('83-'97) looking for valve springs and factory ehxaust header

    truck in question is a 93 ranger w/ 2.3l I need replacement valve springs and an exhaust header. do any of you know where I can find these?
  8. black_demon69

    Nicholas Cage has sunken to a new level lol

    He is in a new Netflix series the history of swear words.
  9. black_demon69

    just sharing the music of my life

    what music do you like?
  10. black_demon69

    Axle pivot bushing ?

    does anyone now where I can find axle pivot bushings for 2005 F250 super duty RWD with Twin I-Beam suspension? problem is that they are either not listed or listing only goes to 2004. thanx in advance
  11. black_demon69

    coil spring fittment

    question is will front springs for a 94 ext cab 2.3l rwd with 14" wheels fit a 93 ext cab 2.3l rwd with 14" wheels? I am asking because there almost no listings for a 93 but lots of listings for the 94.... BTW 93 is 125" wheel base
  12. black_demon69

    Chicken crossing the road

    Here where I live we have one of the neighbors chickens that will cross the road over and over all day long. So makes me want to ask the question of why does the chicken cross the road? Any thoughts on this? Anyway just something to think about LOL
  13. black_demon69

    again with this POS 98 Mustang

    I am looking for a wiring diagram for the doors Specifically the power windows. also possibly some ideas on trouble shooting the left window not working. all other windows work and driver window motor was replaced old one was dead. also the window switch on driver has been replaced.. this...
  14. black_demon69

    want to pick brains on 98 mustang gt brake bleeding problem

    i know its not a ranger but back story is a friend traded a truck for this POS and brake system is all screwed up. he just wants brakes to work so he can sell it. someone completely disconnected and cut the brake line leading from abs unit and the rear brakes. all fittings were loose, MC had...
  15. black_demon69

    In need of a wiring diagram

    Specifically for the knock sensors on a 05 Ford f250 w/5.4 l Can't seem to locate 1
  16. black_demon69

    what direction to take?

    3 re curing codes (it does take a little time to set them again) P0300 FORD - Random Misfire Detected P0303 FORD - Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected P0330 FORD - Knock Sensor 2 Circuit Bank 2 truck is a 2005 f250 with the 5.4l 242,000miles symptoms: CEL starts blinking and it starts missing and has...
  17. black_demon69

    Had a very good day yesterday

    Someone gave me a running 05 f250 and that makes me happy ?https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.7af79440eb81ccf6cc983f6381ad63b6&pid=Api&rurl=https://media.giphy.com/media/8WJw9kAG3wonu/giphy.gif&ehk=fkhcLlgGSe6ztR2Z7nocx6OWs7IliODCHZZ27qRSssc= I will post pics later
  18. black_demon69

    OdbII code reader thoughts

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00652G4TS/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_7?smid=AD7D9D1JAFECP&psc=1 What do you think of this one
  19. black_demon69

    93 2.3l number 1 and 4 exhaust header are getting red

    Engine has been smoked and there are no vacuum leaks just fixed all the exhaust leaks. Number 1 cylinder spark plug looks like it is running rich I have not pulled the others yet. There is no CATALYST (was removed by previous owner). Spark plugs are iridium and have less then 10,000 miles on...
  20. black_demon69

    Off road bumpers

    OK I know someone with an 01 f150 that is looking for a front off road bumper. What he is looking for is a bumper with a winch, a place for an auxiliary battery, and some storage space for chain's and such. Where would be a good place to look? Or is this something that he will need to have made?

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