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  1. Mightyfordranger

    Careful who you loan your pickup to.

    So a buddy needed my truck for an afternoon. Cool just check the fluids. Says he added some coolant but I think my 07 f150 takes that special gold coolant. And ya can't mix green and gold can you? Anyway can't be too mad at the dude he didn't know and did what I asked. Oh well do I need to...
  2. Mightyfordranger

    Wanna buy a generator

    So I wanna buy a generator but. I read that a inverter genset is best for sensitive electronics. But if im running a gen set to power my house I don't exactly plan on having internet or watching TV really. So why would I need a special genset? I was looking at one that claimed less than 5% total...
  3. Mightyfordranger

    95 f150 hard to grab 1st gear

    A Buddy just picked up 95 f150 2wd short bed 5spd with a 5.0l. he says it's hard to get 1st when your stopped from neutral but if you go 2nd then 1st it's no problem. Think shifter bushings would make a difference? Or just worn out shift forks
  4. Mightyfordranger

    Lawnmower carb on 302

  5. Mightyfordranger

    Valve cover bolts?

    Curious does anyone know what the thread pitch is for the valve cover bolts on a 4.6l Triton.
  6. Mightyfordranger

    Advice for a guy buying a b3000

    A friend is looking at buying a ranger for a daily. I'll post up some pics of the listing. Fill me in on some known things to be aware of you would guys please and thank you.
  7. Mightyfordranger

    How do you honestly feel about ford.

    How do you guys honestly feel about Ford motor company. I'm getting to the point im about to walk away from them. I made the mistake of buying a triton f150. As you well know. Turned out to be the worst Ford truck I ever owned. I miss the old in block cam engines. I don't like overhead cam...
  8. Mightyfordranger

    Triton 4.6l tick had to be towed

    Welp my 07 4.6l f150 done took a shite on me. Started ticking awful. At idle and I'm thinking bad timing chain tensioners. I can't quite find the issue it's like the tick is coming from all over. Can't nail it down. U guy have any ideas. I'm sitting on my tailgate waiting on a tow.
  9. Mightyfordranger

    Brothers getting married tomorrow and I'm buying a house

    Yep title sums it up how you guys doing?
  10. Mightyfordranger

    50,000 RPM wrangler...

  11. Mightyfordranger

    2004-2008 f150 2wd front brake upgrade.

    Ok now while this is still fresh in my in my head I'll get it out for the next guy. This is to change the front rotor design of a 2004-2008 generation f150 that is 2 wheel drive, for the 4 wheel drive cheaper rotor. First here is a simple kit with everything in one...
  12. Mightyfordranger

    Drilled and slotted rotors.

    Is it worth getting drilled and slotted rotors on an f150? Or just some good coated ones. I have a tendency to warp rotors on auto cars.
  13. Mightyfordranger

    Best seats for a daily driver.

    The seat in my little Jetta car is beat sucks to ride in lol. So what aftermarket seat do you guys like? Ok I'm talking a nice cush ride. And my car is an 02 alh tdi VW Jetta. I was thinking a sparco or corbeu (idk how to spell it).
  14. Mightyfordranger

    Fixin up my new to me f150

    So here's the list it needs. Manifolds cause the bolts broke and they are leaking. Needs new fuel pump driver. Needs a new harness for the trailer brakes and taillights. The one running down the frame is good it's after that that's needs fixed. Brakes and rotors all around. And driverside motor...
  15. Mightyfordranger

    No rear turn or brake lights.

    New truck don't have rear brake lights or turn signals....dangit! 07 150 Truck is wired for trailer brakes etc Where would you start? Has new bulbs too
  16. Mightyfordranger

    Welp i bought it.

    I ended up getting that 4.6 f150. 3600$ not the worst truck ever. i drove it home runs great shifts good. And you arent flintstoneing it around town. Even has paint still on the frame.
  17. Mightyfordranger

    Had a big splinter in my...ear

    Over the summer was building a basement wall at my mom's... Got to the last row at the top and had to shim up the block to pack in the motar dude to narrow joint gap. Welp got all done went to pull one of the shims and stabbed myself right in the left ear. Had the worst ER doc I ever had...
  18. Mightyfordranger

    For Sale 02 4.0l parts truck

    Got a truck with a bad frame and an 8.8 with a 4:10 gear in the rear it is 4x4 and 5spd but I stole the trans. I still have the trans but it might not go with the truck. Any who it's got a bad frame and an good engine with a not horrible bed. 250$ get you the whole truck. Cuyahogafalls ohio
  19. Mightyfordranger

    Learn me about tritons

    Which generations sucked real bad. I found one on the cheap it's got 140k mi. It's an 07. I know the early ones had intake issues
  20. Mightyfordranger

    Negotiating my first house...

    Welp my back is doing better. Still kinda nervous about over doing it. Anyway I found an empty house that needs lots of work and I found the owner under public records. She is willing to sell it but it needs a new septic and like everything. So we'll see!

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