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    Ford Ranger and TheRangerStation made the news!

    I saw this on my newsfeed today. most interesting, they link right back to here. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/ultra-rare-ford-ranger-shadow-bed-emerges-on-craigslist so which one of you is selling the shadow bed?

    June/July frontline features new RANGER

    The June/July issue of Frontline is pretty much all RANGER. Yuge images inbound

    Ford eSourceBook 2019 Ranger Preview

    Hey all, I thought I'd share what ford is putting out to dealers on the new ranger. It answers a lot of the questions I've seen on here regarding cab configurations, off road options, bells and whistles, etc... if you are a Ford employee, HERE is a direct link. For the rest of you who can't...

    Ranger GOLD

    I've got a customer with an 83 ranger hes trying to restore. Its a southern truck so i'm calling on the southern members here, arizona, new mexico, and texas in particular. If any of you have seen these badges or know where to find them let me know! Thanks everyone! Sent from my...

    .460 Rowland

    Any talented gunsmiths out there? anyone know a talented gunsmith? I love my Taurus 24/7 G@ .45 ACP and wouldn't give it up for some of the other .45 poly guns out there today (Springfield xd, S&w M&P, Glock, Sig, etc...) but i would like to convert it to .460 Rowland. The Rowland round has...


    since I've decided to keep George, and he's been a part of the family for nearly two years now i figure i may as well start a build thread. I'll warn you here and now, i have no major plans aside from a very slow (perhaps slower than project CHKNFKR) restoration and eventual 4x4 conversion. I...

    Alternator woes

    Well today Georges alternator catastrophically failed and turned 6-8 inches of two wires in it's harness to turn into fireworks. I've already replaced the alternator and cut open about a foot of the loom to replace the burned up wire. Everything is working perfectly now, but i'd like to replace...

    should i stay or should i go now?

    My daily driver is a '95 f-250 supercab. it's got a 7.3 psd with 363,000 miles on it and is starting to show its age. the engine leaks in all the usual places and compression has been dropping. the ZF has become more and more difficult going into 2nd and reverse. most importantly it's two wheel...

    Front sheet metal

    Anyone have a breakdown of the inner fender for a gen 3? Getting ready to wear out a drill bit but i've noticed this panel is actually several overlapping pieces spot welded together. I'd like to remove the inner fender panels from the cab without puting any un necessary holes in the cab or cowl.

    Atlas winch

    I may have a deal worked out helping a guy here move his shop about 80 miles or so. At first i quoted him $1.50 per mile one way, for as many trips as it took. Then i noticed in his for sale section was an atlas 12,000lb winch. It looks brand new, he says he's used it a handful of times on his...

    Zf5 hydraulic clutch question

    My dd is a '95 psd with a zf and while the pedal feels perfect and everything works perfectly, the brake fluid in my clutch is nasty. I have the non-bleed slave (which is the proper slave) and was wondering what the flush procedure is for this thing. I can't find anything in any of the manuals i...

    '88 bII eddie bauer edition

    I'm posting this here for the traffic. I can't put it in the classifieds as it isn't mine, and i can't put it in the ebay/craigslist forum as it's not on either. I've driven past this more times than i can count. Today I finally decided to give the owner a call. its got the usual...

    Camper converted to car hauler.

    Has anyone on here converted a camper into a car hauler? Today i came across this for only $350 It needs wired, lowered, decked, and painted. A matched pair of electric brake axles would go under it before i tried to haul anything with it. Just wondering if anyone has done it? If so was it...

    work truck

    Some of you may recal about a month ago my work truck, a 2006 ranger, was having abs issues. Any time i touched the brakes the abs activated. I notified my boss, he told.me to keep.driving till the wheels fall off. Abs are fine when you actually need them, however in perfect road conditions they...

    trash ball video game

    So back in the day i had a video game where you start out as a wadded up gum wrapper or something of the like. The basic rule of the game was as you roll around things that are smaller than you stick to you and cause you to grow. The bigger you grow the larger objects you can pick up. I dont...

    locked out?

    Today i got locked out of my work truck. the following video shows how quickly and easily i got back in. Enjoy! If you guys like it I'll post it over in the tech forum.


    Thats right,im starting a confab. A single thread to spitball and toss around random ideas. Discuss ideas and theories and why they will or won't work. I started it here in general discussion to try to keep it truck oriented at the very least. I'll start with a few points to ponder: I am a...

    why not to tailgate

    If you care about your own life and the lives of those who trust you enough to ride with you STOP TAILGATING! THIS COULD BE YOU! HI59bB-OXSM

    10.25" gears

    My dd is a 2wd 5 speed '95 psd. As it sits its got 3.55 gears out back and i don't even use first gear. I'm also pulling off an impressive 20 mpg! My thought is if i went to a higher gearset i'd get even better milage and lose nothing off the line, id just start using 1st gear. Anyone know how...

    things are starting to look good again

    Today the fiancee got accepted into EIUs School Psychology specialist program (its a fancier title than i'll ever remember but thats close enough). Now how is paying for three more years of school a good thing? She was approved for a FULL assistantship and federal stipend! On monday i'm...

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