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  1. Zapper

    Back again with another very odd problem

    About a month ago i had the ignition module and the ignition coil completely die, i replaced thos and its been running just fine. Until recently.... it has been sputtering and basically acting like its cutting all spark or fuel around 2000-2500 randomly, it does it only after its warmed up but...
  2. Zapper

    2.9 odd no crank issue

    So i just replaced my starter solenoid due to it failing and now it is just rapidly clicking, i have cleaned the terminals, made sure the cables were good and they are and im unsure what is going on, so if anyone may k ow what the problem is please let me know
  3. Zapper

    Climate control problem..

    So recently my ranger has been only blowing out of the dash and when i move the lever to switch it to defrost it does nothing, the cable isnt snapped, so im wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how they fixed it? If anyone knows what it might be id greatly appreciate it
  4. Zapper

    Im back with yet again with another 2.9 problem

    So my 2.9 has always had an idle surge problem that makes it sound like it has a big cam in it recentlyits startedto happen quite often, and it also runs insanely rich when it does this due to the amount of unburt fuel and black smoke out of the exhaust, ive replaced both fuel pumps, fuel...
  5. Zapper

    Update on the 2.9 fiasco

    So its been a couple months and its been running ok, but yesterday it acted like it ran out of fuel so i had a buddy tow me to the gas station, after that it started up fine so i pulled out and made it like 200 feet and it just died on me, so i unplugged the mass air density sensor and it was...
  6. Zapper

    Questions on d28 to d35 ttb swap and 7.5 to 8.8 swap

    So currently thanks to stupid previous owners my front and rear axles are done for, the front diff is quite literally grenaded since i can hear and the pinion and ring gear finishing themselves off and the rear diff is pretty sloppy and it isnt ujoint slop since i regularly grease those, so how...
  7. Zapper

    2.9 misfiring and loosing spark randomly when warmed up

    So when i go for a drive and cruise around 2500rpm at 55-65 mph it bucks as if it is misfiring and loosing all spark for a second or two then spark comes back, and im wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what the problem was, im guessing the tfi module because i know those things...
  8. Zapper

    Performance camshafts...

    So ive been searching around to see if anyone makes performance camshafts for the 2.9 because ill be beefing mine up so it can take boost so does anyone know if there is still companys that make quality high performance camshafts for these 2.9s?
  9. Zapper

    Fuel tank leaks from top of tank

    Im unsure where to put this so any mods that come across this put it where you think is appropriate Anyways whenever i fill up my truck it will fill up and once the pump clicks it then dumps like half a gallon on the ground from the top of the tank, im aware of the common problem with filler...
  10. Zapper

    i know its been awhile..

    so i haven't been using trs that often due to work, but i got a second ranger it was $500 and I've already dumped like $2000 into it in repairs but anyways it somehow looks good with its shitty clearcoat, its a 1986 2.9 with a fm145 and BW1350 and D28 and 7.5 with 3.73s and 235/75/15 tires
  11. Zapper

    2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3 intermittent misfire only at operating temp

    So i just recently got my ranger running once again and ive been driving it a bit to see what i have to fix next and it has been misfiring when the engine is ar operating temp, ive replaced the coil, distributor, distributor cap, plugs, plug wires, timing belt, and headgasket in the past 3...
  12. Zapper

    2.3L ('83-'97) 1986 no start after head gasket replacement

    So i just got my rangers engine back together and when I went to start it it spun faster and sounded like it didn't have compression, I'm guessing that the camshaft is off on timing but I'm unsure and it has spark and fuel, I checked those before everything else, what are some things I can do to...
  13. Zapper

    FM145 strength and how much power it can take

    So I have a 1986 2.3 with the fm145 transmission and I'm going to be building the 2.3, so what should I do to keep it from grenading, since I already know that the synchros are gone, and I have a short throw shifter on it so I shift it harder than normal, so what are some things that I should...
  14. Zapper

    I lurk 99% of the time on this site

    I honestly spend more time reading posts in the forum area that i basically have read almost all of them in my time being on this site, and ive also read almost everything in the how to tech section. Send help i have an addiction to this site.
  15. Zapper

    how to remove followers

    So I decided to freshen up the top end of my 2.3 quite a bit and I'm wanting to replace the valve seals and I'm unsure how to remove the followers so can anyone tell me how you remove and reinstall them.
  16. Zapper

    so kinda made a meme with my ranger

    "Don't talk to me or my son ever again"
  17. Zapper

    oil preference/recommendation

    No not essential oils. What is your favorite type of motor oil to use in your RBV and is it synthetic or conventional, a mix of both, or is it just random oil that you have sitting, also what is the thickness that you prefer to use? i use Valvoline 10w-30 fully synthetic with some Lucas oil...
  18. Zapper

    What is the weirdest engine you've seen in a ranger?

    What is the weirdest engine you have ever seen swapped in a ranger, or what would be a weird engine swap for a ranger? i'm totally not looking for ideas... heh
  19. Zapper

    removed muffler on 2.3

    So i decided to hack the muffler off and i decided to start it up, well it might honestly stay like this because the laws aren't strict here, and I'm honestly surprised that it doesn't sound like a Honda with a fart can.
  20. Zapper

    my age surprises people

    so a lot of people think that i'm in my early 20's because of my voice and the amount of work i do, but in reality i'm only 15 and i've done more work and heavy lifting by myself, and i prefer older vehicles with all the basic things rather than these new vehicles with plastic galore, sure they...

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