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  1. Bennybooster

    d60s and 35" boggers

    Diffs will be dragging the ground and the axles weigh about 400 lbs a piece, I wouldn't...
  2. Bennybooster

    eb44 vs fw44 or other??? with leafs

    get a fw 8.8 for the rear, or cough up for a 9in
  3. Bennybooster

    Belltech coil question

    drive it for a bit, they will settle and your ride height wont go down till you drive it
  4. Bennybooster

    what solid axle would be best for a 99 ranger

    Mog 404......nuff said
  5. Bennybooster

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    Tons of people have swapped disks onto a 14b, search
  6. Bennybooster

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    It looks like everyone has overlooked the fact that all of those 1 ton axles wont match the bolt pattern on his 79 dana 44. Also they forgot to mention that your front axle probably wont hold up with a v8 either. Better start looking for a set of tons
  7. Bennybooster

    RCV axleshafts

    Even if the shafts are the same strength it the rest of the axle wont hold up. Ball joints break, housings twist or bend and gears strip and break. Lockers aren't strong enough
  8. Bennybooster

    RCV axleshafts

    You could build a BEEF D60 for the cost of rcv's in an inferior axle
  9. Bennybooster

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Rockwells have better diff clearance than Dana 60's although you have a lot of problems on the top of the axle due to it being a top loader
  10. Bennybooster

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

  11. Bennybooster

    WEROCK Medford Oregon

    Come out the WEROCK racing on the 7th out at the White City ponds, gates open at 8am, racing starts at 9am. $15 adults, ages 8-15 $5, under 8 free. I'll be out there with my ranger at the Jacked Up Priorities Booth all day, come say high and see some rad rock racing!
  12. Bennybooster

    Jacked Up Priorities Offroad Meet and Greet pics

    I am friends with all of the guys at a new to Medford offroad shop called Jacked Up Priorities Offroad and we had a meet and greet today down at the Sportsmans Warehouse, we had some cool rigs down there. The owner Clay also has a 351 powered SAS'd ranger that is super rad, but its for sale now...
  13. Bennybooster

    sas dana 44

    Next time ya guys go out you should let me know, I may be up for some trails
  14. Bennybooster

    sas dana 44

    Wow, I just realized you are local. Thats weird, where were you wheeling at?
  15. Bennybooster

    sas dana 44

    .......so much rape......:thefinger:
  16. Bennybooster

    sas dana 44

    I tried to rep ya but it wouldn't let me
  17. Bennybooster

    My Build thread

    he's just a newb
  18. Bennybooster

    Sick low rider F-350

    Haha, just kidding, stripped my parts truck today
  19. Bennybooster

    dana 44 sas HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  20. Bennybooster

    Kingpin d60


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