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  1. baddis

    pats system

    anyone have the link to what pats systems are in what trucks? I have been looking and can't find it in the tech library. I rolled my truck saturday and buying it back for the 5.0 and trans. I want to have them as a backup for the replacement truck
  2. baddis

    big issue

    I have a 00 excab 4x4 that was 3.0 auto and I swapped a 5.0 and 4r70w in it. I made sure to swap the computer, key tumbler, antenna ring, and pats module behind the passenger airbag before putting power to anything. I fired it up and it ran great for about 6 miles. I figured it was out of gas...
  3. baddis

    hard plastic fuel lines

    a while back I bought a 00 excab 4x4 with a bad engine. the previous owner drilled a hole in the gas tank since it was full. while I was dropping the tank I broke one of the plastic fittings on the pressure line coming out of the tank.FYI you can buy the ends and they have a fancy tool that...
  4. baddis

    pulling my hair out

    i am trying to get my 5.0 swap done and keep running into issues. I cut the steel line on the fuel rail when I pulled the 3.0 out and now I can't get the cut part disconnected from the line. I even pulled the spring out with a pick but it is just that stuck together. Also the shifter cable...
  5. baddis

    Shifter hookup

    Truck is a 00 ex cab 4x4 transfer is a 4r70w out of a 99 mounting. Do you need to flip the shift arm on the transmission? The cable just doesn't seem to line up right
  6. baddis

    I did it now

    I was talking with a dealer on a 14 ford fusion s this week. We made plans to drive 2 hours to look and more than likely buy it after I got off work yesterday. I got a call about an hour before I got off work and was informed the car sold. I called my wife and she wasn't happy at all. I had her...
  7. baddis

    Had a great weekend

    friday I got the 5.0, trans a tcase and disc 8.8 out of my 99 mountie and sunday the 3.0 trans and tcase out of my 3.0 ranger and got rid of the donor body. When did they change the tcase end of the drive shafts? I also got the output flange on the awd tcase changed. I still need to find a 3.73...
  8. baddis

    couple questions

    I am starting on my 5.0 swap from a 99 mounty to a 00 ranger and have a few questions trying to keep the cost down. I have searched and not found an answer to them yet. 1 it seems everyone is using a 4.0 radiator in the swap but can you use the 5.0 radiator? my truck was a 3.0 and somehow the...
  9. baddis


    truck is a 93 4.0 4x4 5 speed. I bought the truck in october with a bad 5 speed. the truck sat until the beginning of feb until I had the spare cash for a 5 speed. We traveled 7 hours round trip to get a trans. here is where things go bad got the new trans installed and then the slave starts...
  10. baddis

    clutch bleeding issues

    I am working on a 93 Ranger 4.0 and m5od. I broke the clutch line while removing the trans and bought a replacement with the trans I bought. I couldn't get the new line out of the slave cylinder so I installed the trans and line together. Now the issue I am having is I can't seem to get any...
  11. baddis

    it followed me home

    about a year ago I bought a 00 ex cab 4x4 with a bad 3.0. I had been looking off and on for a swap for it whether it be another 3.0 a 4.0 or 5.0. I had not been having any luck finding one reasonably priced. Today out of the blue my nephew called up asking if I would be interested in a 5.0. I...
  12. baddis

    to good to pass up

    today I brought home a 93 standard cab 4x4, 4.0 5 speed manual hubs and windows no cruise truck. It belonged to my brother in laws neighbor. I put a clutch in 2 years ago. 5 speed went belly up and only has 4th gear. it was to good to pass up for $300 hope to get pics tomorrow
  13. baddis

    couple questions

    I have read and re read this thread http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/5_0_swap_in_newer_ranger.shtml and it doesn't mention the answers to the 2 questions I have. 1) i know on the older trucks you have to notch the heater box if you have ac, I have a 2000 and want to keep the ac do I...
  14. baddis

    gas tank question

    are the tanks the same between an xcab and regular cab? xcab is a 2000 and std cab is a 02
  15. baddis

    3.0 swap question

    I thought I had a 4.0 truck bought for a swap but it fell through. The 3.0 in my truck was bad when I bought it and I have been looking for another 3.0. Every salvage yard I call wants to know the year. they say they don't have any 99-04 3.0 engines. why couldn't I swap an older one or a newer...
  16. baddis

    another pats question

    on my swap I am trying to avoid going to the dealer for anything. my truck is a 00 xlt excab 4x4 3.0 auto donor is a 02 excab 4x4 4.0. If i take the computer, ignition tumbler,pats module, and door locks from the donor I assume I won't have to have the dealer flash the computer for pats issues...
  17. baddis

    my new truck

    I purchased a 2000 Ranger xcab 4 door on the 10th. http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x43/baddis_1/newtruck_zps9c31344c.jpg It is a 3.0 auto truck and the 3.0 is bad. I searched and couldn't find a engine that I could afford with under 200k miles within a reasonable distance. I spent $500 on the...
  18. baddis

    how common is it

    how common is it for a 2000 ranger to not have pvh but a live axle?
  19. baddis

    what is the difference?

    like the title says what is the difference between an unleaded engine and a flex fuel engine besides injectors?
  20. baddis

    is it a member here?

    A couple times now I have seen an ex cab ranger with fiberglass fenders and bedsides leaving Galesburg Il on us 34 and getting on I74 wb heading towards the Quad cities. I was wondering if they were a member here. It is a good looking truck. Kinda hard to take a pic in the dark while driving a...

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