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  1. Ranger Dave (B25)

    P0231, will crank/no start

    Okay. So the Ranger has decided to play dead on me. 140k on the clock. Cranks strong, won't start. Scanned, pulled a P0231 code - but no CEL. Had it towed to the Ford dealer that I use for service and spoke with my SA about it, and when I stuck the key in and cranked it - it started. 🤬...
  2. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Leak - wet headliner

    Dammit. 99 Mazda B2500 standard cab. Replaced the cab-mount stop light and it's still leaking. Thinking it's the drip-rail corner trim pieces. How hard is the headliner to get out of these things, and what have you used to seal the bolt holes (or however it's fastened in)?
  3. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Wheel question for adsm08

    Right now I have these on my B2500: And I want to replace them with these: Should fit, right?
  4. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Add LSD?

    Question for ADSM: On my '10 XLT, I have a 3.55 axle, open diff. 5100 GVWR if that makes a difference. I want to go to an LSD without tearing the axle out and replacing. Possible?
  5. Ranger Dave (B25)

    adsm and others: help needed

    My '10 Ranger has a single horn. Did they come with dual horns like my '99 Mazda? And if so, how do I install a second horn, and where? Anybody have a picture of the dual-horn setup on these trucks? The Mazda has the two horns separate from each other, is my '10 the same way?
  6. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Tailgate handles

    Have a broken tailgate handle on the new truck. It's plastic, can the metal handles be swapped out in place of the crappy plastic ones? If so what all do I need to do it right? Conversely, can an F150 locking tailgate handle be swapped in? Has anyone done this?
  7. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Key code?

    Been gone a long time, so I thought I'd say howdy, y'all. I should know this, and yet I don't. Search is no help. Bought a 2010 RangerXLT extended cab last week, and of course it was typical: no books, one key fob (but two keys, so there's that), no key code info. How do I get the...
  8. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Paging Toms984x4

    Hey man, did Irene make it inland far enough to get to you or no? Need to call my aunt in Sanford. Haven't talked with her in a long time.
  9. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Your exercise for the day

    Touch the guy's nose with your cursor. GO! http://www.selfcontrolfreak.com/slaan.html
  10. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Merry Christmas

    To all the folks here at TRS. Tkus96K2yhA
  11. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Tropical storm slapping Honduras

    Hey Pancho, you okay? Keep your head down, bubba!
  12. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Decisions, decisions...

    I have written lately of my quest to find an '04-'07 Saturn Vue. Looking for V6, AWD, buttwarmers and sunroof. Found two that fit the bill. One has 60k on it, about $14k, and the other has 54k on it (bonus: brand new tires), about $17k. Both are asking price. Now here's where it gets...
  13. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Satellite Radio?

    Posting this here because in the radio forum it'll get ignored. I want to upgrade to factory SatRad in the '99 B2500. My question: did RBVs come with factory SatRad, and if so, was it XM or Sirius (I know they're the same now) and is it plug and play? Anyone?
  14. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Speaking of glovebox latches...

    Did the '99 ever come with a locking glove box latch? If so I'd like to put one in.
  15. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Blower motor resistor plug - need part number ASAP

    Does anyone have the part number for the repair kit that is used to replace the rusted/burned up plug (pigtail) at the blower motor resistor? I have a trip coming up in a couple days, and my blower only works on high - I don't want to spend 8 hrs in the truck with the thing blowing full on...
  16. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Work this around in your brains...

    When does 100+30=90? (somebody PM me Friday for the answer if nobody gets it, because I'll forget sure as hell.)
  17. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Jumpy tach - 3k to 4k range on B2500

    Gents: Noticed on a road trip today that my tach is getting silly. At speed (about 65-70) I should be turning just about 3k on the tach. Mine jumps around erratically between about 3-4k. If I thump the cluster lens, it settles back in where it should. At least for a while. Anybody know...
  18. Ranger Dave (B25)

    Guilty, guilty, guilty.

    And the excuse-making has already begun: LAS VEGAS (AP) - O.J. Simpson, who went from American sports idol to celebrity-in-exile after he was acquitted of murder in 1995, was found guilty Friday of robbing two sports-memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room. Simpson, 61...
  19. Ranger Dave (B25)

    AM, CD. AM, CD. What the...

    On the road tonight I was listening to The Grand Ole Opry on WSM (a neat trick since I was in northern IL) when my Radio kept switching from AM, to CD and back. I have the AM/FM single disc CD player, and it did it 6-8 times in about 10 minutes. I kept fiddling with the buttons thinking one was...
  20. Ranger Dave (B25)

    One key, no code. How do I get it?

    Picked up my B2500 tonight, but I already have a problem: I have but ONE key for it. I'd like to be able to get the key code for it and have others made, but my buddy was the 2nd owner and hasn't got the little card/tab/whatever that held the key code information. If I hit up the local dealer...

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