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  1. $#@&! rear timing cassette busted, what's my best course of action?

    Yes, Ford shops usually won't work on any Ford vehicle if its over 10 years old, sometimes 15 Too many hassles Trying to explain to an unhappy customer that replacing the transmission didn't cause the flat tire 2 months later, lol "Well I NEVER had a flat tire until YOU worked on it!!!"
  2. Old ex-SnapOn van refurb

    Missed this before, nice project You need to paint over the Snap-on logos and replace with "hand painted" Pooper Scooper Pet waste removal service It will NEVER be broken into :)
  3. $#@&! rear timing cassette busted, what's my best course of action?

    Engine needs to come out to do the repair Worst case is cam timing slips and valves get bent, usually doesn't hurt pistons(just a mark) and won't bend rods Parts are not that expensive Just the labor to pull and put back in the engine, which should be about 8-10 hours labor with basic tools...
  4. 1994 B4000 Window Problem

    Sorry, meant 1994-1997 as the early years for the Ford built B-series
  5. 1994 B4000 Window Problem

    1994 Mazda B-series was first year it was a re-badged Ranger, and actually only half that year, your manufacture date should be June or later 1986–1993 B-series were imported and looked different and had different engines Not sure how much was Ford or Mazda in those earlier years
  6. 1994 B4000 Window Problem

    Replace passenger side switch, if the light blue/black wire has 12v with key on
  7. 2004 Ranger Engine Repair, Swap, or Scrap?

    New head cost of $1,457.99 is silly, $350 per head is average so even $1,000 for two is a bit on the high side I.E. a full rebuilt 3.0l Long Block is $1,595, seen here: https://unitedengine.com/product/ford-3-0l-181-ci-v6-long-block-engine/ $1,695 here...
  8. 1994 B4000 Window Problem

    Not familiar with Mazda color code But same color wire at both door switches should have 12v with key on The 2 wires from master should both be grounds 24/7 unless master switch is pressed If master can control passenger window then motor is OK If Passenger switch can not control motor AND...
  9. 1994 B4000 Window Problem

    The drivers side Master uses its own 12v and Ground to activate the passenger side motor The passenger side switch is by passed, i.e. the 2 wires from Master are connected directly to the motor on the back of passenger side switch Master==============||======motor Passenger side switch will...
  10. Tap into relay signal?

    Got it You soldered a wire to the relay itself You can buy a 5 pin relay socket with 5 wires attached, about $4, i.e. : https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/images/L/4411-021.JPG Put tabs on the end of each wire and plug those wires into the vehicles relay slots, wires can be made as long as you...
  11. Tap into relay signal?

    Confused: "I currently have a wire soldered to the power output of the ac clutch relay, but I just can't get it to seat fully into the socket" You would solder a wire on the back side of the relay socket, which wouldn't be an issue to put relay in place? It's often easier to get the 12v...
  12. 87 manual 2.9 finally running

    Great stuff (y) If that was cold start you need to check that the ECT sensor is plugged in, 2 wire sensor near thermostat housing, tells computer to run cold engine richer and at a high idle, like 1,000rpms
  13. help finding part number for ecu

    Its a different person, he highjacked this older thread, from 2018 We don't know engine size or transmssion type just 1995 year and name is Confused ford owner, post #4
  14. help finding part number for ecu

    No, none of those are related The suffix is specific to that part only, not vehicle or model If you don't have the engine computer's part number then you need to get one that matches your vehicles specifics: There are 3 things to match Engine size, 2.3l, 3.0l or 4.0l in 1995 EGR or no EGR...
  15. ..92 ranger 3.o with fuel pump issues.

    Yes, SPOUT wire/signal needs to be disconnected to set Base Spark timing, same as you needed to unplug vacuum advance to set Base spark timing on older distributors So there is a SPOUT Connector for that purpose, basically a Jumper that you pull out to set Base timing O2s are the only sensors...
  16. ..92 ranger 3.o with fuel pump issues.

    That could be TFI/spark issue When you accelerate TFI module gets a signal from computer on the SPOUT wire, its like "vacuum advance" on older distributors This signal changes the TFI module's spark timing for the Richer fuel mix needed for acceleration, if spark timing doesn't change properly...
  17. help finding part number for ecu

    Welcome to the forum f57f-12b523-bc is the plastic holder for computer, so no, not something you need to replace unless it is broken Seen here: https://www.ebay.com/p/1528726537 Or here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/165537752729 The Computer part number will always have xxxx-12A650-xxx as the...
  18. Head Gasket Question

    The Ranger 3.0l gaskets have a specific Left and Right side, so should have a mark denoting "top/up" side of gasket, so they will only fit on one way The FWD 3.0l use the same gasket on each head, no specific left or right So if the two gaskets you have are different then they are for Ranger RWD
  19. 2004 - 4.0 Rev Limiter ?

    Last I read it was 100mph, and it's usually set for tires, most are not rated for above 100mph Speed limiter not RPM limiter I did read a few post that it can be 90mph speed limiter on Rangers Check actual speed with GPS just to see if speedometer is accurate 2004 Computer uses OSS sensor on...
  20. Exhaust issues (maybe?)

    If you have a vacuum gauge you can test for clogged exhaust Or just pull out the two upstream O2 sensors and go for a drive, it WILL BE LOUD If throttle response and top speed is back you do have partially restricted exhaust

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