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  1. JohnnyO

    RTR Prerunner

  2. JohnnyO

    Rangers At War In Ukraine

    Apparently Rangers are the favorite truck for this group to modify. https://www.newsweek.com/ukrainian-fighters-using-crowdsourced-ford-rangers-armored-battle-1724417
  3. JohnnyO

    Can't update profile

    I went to change something in my profile and it won't update. Says I need to fill in all required fields but AFAIK they are all filled in.
  4. JohnnyO

    Disable Auto Stop/Start

    I found out why my auto stop/start quit working. It was the tailgate light bar plugged into the 4-pin trailer plug. Follow me for more budget mods.
  5. JohnnyO

    Light Bar Install

    No fuss, no muss. https://fb.watch/d2KJAbvQ2k/
  6. JohnnyO

    Truxxx Level Kit Discount

    FYI Truxxx has a 40% discount on their leveling kits right now. I narrowed it down to BDS or Truxxx and checked their price today and jumped on it, only $91 for the strut spacers. I had their front and rear kit on my old Sport Trac and it's quality stuff. 1.5", 2.5", or 3.5". Coupon code is...
  7. JohnnyO

    2019+ Axle and Transfer Case Lubes

    Just a helpful tidbit of information. The 2019+ Ranger calls for conventional 80w-90 gear lube in the axle(s) which is kind of curious since older Rangers used synthetic factory fill. The only synthetic axle lube I've found that meets the owner's manual Ford Spec WSP-M2C197-A is Redline...
  8. JohnnyO

    SCCA Rangers

  9. JohnnyO

    2022 Carlisle Ford Nationals

    I just registered my truck for the 2022 Carlisle Ford Nationals. June 3-5. I go most years. There is a Ranger class to register in. $65 for the show field, $55 for a camping site if you want. 10% off if you register before April 19 and they'll mail you your stuff. I always tent it and camp...
  10. JohnnyO

    Ranger Tops In Reliability

  11. JohnnyO

    Racing In The 70's

    I remember these guys.
  12. JohnnyO

    This Can Be Red

  13. JohnnyO

    SOLD! 2020 STX Wheels

    Four silver 17x8 wheels. 13k miles, like new. Includes valve stems, does not include lugs or tire pressure monitors. I bought a set of charcoal wheels. $200+ shipping or make offer. Inexpensive upgrade for someone with steelies. Will meet or deliver within 50 miles of Pittsburgh, PA.
  14. JohnnyO

    Honda Radio

    As some of you know from Facebook, my wife's sister recently died from cancer. I am currently in custody of her 2009 Honda Civic which she left in her will to her nephew and my instructions were to check it out and fix anything that needs fixed. The radio is non-functioning but the display...
  15. JohnnyO

    Air Lockers

    ARB has front and rear air lockers for Gen 5 Rangers now. Says for the rear you have to get a new Jeep JL ring and pinion because the OE Ford unit is welded on. https://arbusa.com/ford-ranger-2019-on/
  16. JohnnyO

    Rear Diff Skidplate

    Seen elsewhere. A Heep JL rear diff skidplate will fit since it uses the same Dana M220 rear. https://www.roughcountry.com/jeep-jl-m220-diff-skid-plate-10628.html
  17. JohnnyO

    Tonneau, What Not To Buy

    Picked up my new tonneau cover today, which I had for a short while. Trail FX tonneau, DO NOT BUY. Piece of f'n garbage, instructions, fit, and mounting are all horrible. Took it back for a refund in a matter of hours. Also will not fit with the factory bedliner but I didn't even get that...
  18. JohnnyO

    Ford Nationals at Carlisle, PA

    Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA June 2-4, 2021. Paids my money so I'm in the show. Been in with the Sport Tracs the last three years, Ranger class this year. You don't have to be in the show field, just being there is a trip. About half Mustangs but classes for all Fords cars and trucks. For...
  19. JohnnyO

    SOLD! Cap 07-10 Sport Trac

    Ranch fiberglass cap, fits ‘07-‘10 Sport Trac. Silver Frost. Good condition, couple of minor scratches, lockable (I have two keys), mounting hardware, third brake light module. $375. Pittsburgh, PA.
  20. JohnnyO

    For Sale 08 Sport Trac

    2008 Sport Trac, original owner, 4x4, 4.0, 4x4, 211,000 well-maintained miles. Truxxx lift, K&N, Flowmaster, trans rebuilt at 132k, many new parts. Oil and fluids religiously changed, garage kept, Ziebart, always clean. Rare fiberglass cap, also have vinyl tonneau for summer, bed mat, Le Bra...

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