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  1. Smoking Room

    Decide to make a smoking room in the house Have 15x45 so 650sq/ft 8ft ceiling so 5400cu/ft Above ground, but lower floor 2 exterior walls 2 doors, one window Hot water heat so no vents, no AC I can use two exhaust fans to create slight negative pressure that will pull air in from the rest of...
  2. 2.3L ('02-'11) Replacing 2.3l duratec block with a 2.5l duratec block

    Interesting write up here: https://www.ranger-forums.com/dohc-2-3l-duratec-mazda-l-engines-136/2-3l-head-2-5l-block-167700/#post2200396 Member had a bad 2.3l block and couldn't find a replacement, but seemed to find lots of 2.5l blocks
  3. 1994 Ranger windshield wiper part

    As said 1994 Ranger The wiper arms are connected to the motor's arms under the cowl with a ball and socket setup Metal ball but a plastic/metal socket(bushing) Socket is worn out so ball can pop out, and on drivers side of course, lol 1995 and up is different Not sure how far back is the same...
  4. Torx and Torx Plus

    Its one of those things you know but forget to pass along Ford uses torx plus in a few applications, seats and seat belts often Here's the difference: https://www.pemnet.com/images/design_info/torx_vs_torxplus.jpg If your regular torx feels sloppy and next size up is too big then its most...
  5. So the wait is over

    Let the "other" excuses for not getting vaccinated fly, lol
  6. Just saw this

    Maybe I've been sleeping but never read about this Truck being in development https://rivian.com/r1t Full electric 0-60 in 3 seconds!!! 830ft/lb torque Hennessey builds the fastest trucks but even its Ram 1500 TRX with 1,000HP "only" hits 3.2seconds I need to buy me a long extension cord...
  7. Ford Escape or Edge

    Daughter has a 2009 Ford Fusion, which has been a good car She would like to sit up higher so was looking to get an SUV but a mid sized She may go new but I like 3 or 4 year old myself, lol Anyone have any comments on the 2015-2018 models
  8. Exhaust issue

    1994 Ranger 4.0l 4x4 Whats wrong with this picture The hole in flange got bigger and let spring come thru so big leak It happened when driving and I was near my local muffler shop so stopped by They put it on the lift and told me I needed to replace Cat back, $700!!!! I have used the same...
  9. Injectors powered by Fuel Pump Relay

    So was just looking at 2007 2.3l Ranger wiring diagram To my surprise the fuel injectors don't get 12volts from PCM relay anymore, they get it from Fuel Pump relay Diagram below In Previous years the FP relay was only activated for 2 seconds key on and then wouldn't activate again until...
  10. Ranger brochures

    Found these in my travels, which are missing in our Brochure page Looks like 2005 is to big, link to it is here: https://www.xr793.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/2005-Ford-Ranger.pdf
  11. 2009 Ford Fusion

    Daughter's car 2009 Fusion SEL 3.0l TPMS sensors are 11 years old and getting her some new tires, so thought they should be changed out 2010 and up used the Valve stem type 2008/9 seems to use the band type I can't see a problem cutting off the old ones and installing new valve stem type...
  12. Odd issue with my 1994

    1994 Ranger 4.0l 4x4, manual trans All electrics are original except spark plugs/wires and O2 sensors, 400k A few days ago it stalled after 2 min drive time so still cold, wouldn't restart right away, figured fuel pump time, 26 years, I got no complaints, lol It did restart after about 2min...
  13. Electric transfer case to manual shift device from IN THE CAB

    Never seen this before: https://behemothdrivetrain.com/products/borg-warner-transfer-case-electric-to-manual-shift-conversion Don't see why it wouldn't work, also good for Flat Towing because it looks like Neutral would be accessible with this Not cheap but looks well built
  14. 1994 4.0l OHV overheating

    So I bought another 1994 4.0l with blown head gaskets, both sides, cylinders #2 and #4, glove test Sent the heads out to machine shop, and much to my surprise neither was cracked valves checked OK so they surfaced them. Flushed the block out, had water pump off Flushed heater core, good flow...
  15. 2005 Ford Rangers NO PATS

    Surprised me when I came across this: http://www.vintrack.com/2013 Transponder Immobi Herndon CHART.pdf My thinking was all V6 Rangers 1999 - 2011 had PATS, period, And 2001 - 2011 2.3l Duratec Rangers had it as well 2005 Rangers didn't, doesn't even say optional say deleted, couldn't find a...
  16. 2009 Ford Fusion airbag disable

    Hi, Daughter has a 2009 Ford Fusion She got a passenger side airbag recall Called dealer to schedule it, was put "on the list" but was told 3 maybe 6 months before parts will available So she is afraid to let anyone sit in passenger seat 2009 doesn't have a passenger side disable switch, I...
  17. Bad link in wiring tech support

  18. "unable to connect"

    Getting this ^^^ message quite often now when responding to a post Happens more with Firefox than Chrome, but happens in both No problem connecting to the site or reading "most" threads, it has happened once or twice when I click to read a thread
  19. Windshield Wiper linkage

    1994 Ranger 4.0l Got back from a vacation and had a dead battery, it was old, 6 years, and its been cold out, replaced it Started it up and all was well, but had left wipers on when I last parked it and we have snow here now :) and very cold so wipers came on and were frozen to window turn...
  20. Can login or renew password

    Can't login or renew password For a Moderator User det107 contacted me at another site to say he can't log in at this site Thanks RonD

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