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  1. LearjetMinako

    Ranger hit by tornado, Oct.9 OKC

    To start, it has been a very long time since I've posted on the TRS. On Oct.9 2018, a F0-F1 tornado went through the North side of Tinker AFB and through the JCPenny parking lot on SE 29 st. Unfortunely, my Ranger was a total loss by the insurance company. The tornado with flying debris from...
  2. LearjetMinako

    Chevy Blazer strikes again

    Long time no see everyone. Just a quick an update on how things are going. I've moved, got my own house, still drive the old Ranger, and have acquired the old family 4x4 Blazer. So on to the problem. The family Blazer is a bit of a gremlin when things go wrong. This time, the AT fluid...
  3. LearjetMinako

    Hopefully B&S 550ex engine fix

    It seems the new B&S 550 series engines come with a sensitive carburetor. Every since I bought mine new (Husqvarna 5521p), the engine would start running poorly after 3-5 mows. Clean the carb out and it runs great again, but the problem would just come back. I've drilled the main fuel jet and...
  4. LearjetMinako

    Body lift

    No, not that kind of body lift.:D The other kind that is required to have better access to the fuel tank. Guess no Ranger is immune to the gas tank filler neck hose cracking up and leaking fuel. Job took me 3 hours to do. Only becuase I had extra work to do with the CB wiring and issues...
  5. LearjetMinako

    New job, no training

    First to start this off, man, has it been a heck of a week for me and the night crew. First we find out that the night crew is split into two groups, one off-loads the truck, the rest stock the merchadise. Before, it was an all in team effort. Then to add more hurt to the team, upper...
  6. LearjetMinako

    Quality of work today

    It seems people or their company are not taking much pride in their work any more these days. Ex 1: My house has had a complete new A/C & furance installed last year. First problem was they wired the heat pump wrong. So the heat pump and furance would both try to heat the house. Thats not a...
  7. LearjetMinako

    Hot weather = engine knock

    So for the past month and longer, I have been frying under the sun. It has been a constant 100*F days since before July. I think we are on a track record of 40+ days in the 100's degrees. One of the things that I noticed with the 96' Ranger 2.3L engine is that my little engine rattle is...
  8. LearjetMinako

    I'm alive!!!

    If you ever had one of those moments where a little factor made all the difference. I just had one those moments. Traveling southbound on Sooner Rd. from Lowe's, I get stuck behind a slow cruising police car (40mph in a 45mph). And so everyone else is also traveling the same speed as the...
  9. LearjetMinako

    Ethonal on MPG

    I know this topic comes up a lot and we all know that ethonal in our fuel does decrease fuel mileage. But I wanted to know exactly by how much does it effect the Ranger's old 2.3L engine. Because the effect can widely change on different cars, I installed a ScanGauge II on my Ranger to keep an...
  10. LearjetMinako

    Gun Control statement

    I normally don't post this kind of stuff on the TRS. But this one, I just had to. Link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4069761537893819675#
  11. LearjetMinako

    Throttle Body Spacers

    Show I wanted to ask this question. Does a throttle body spacer on a modern engine really improve torque & horsepower? This is for a modern engine with SEFI (Sequational Electionic Fuel Injection) V6. No carbs or throttle body fuel injection.
  12. LearjetMinako

    strange creature

    I found this strange creature under the hood of one my vehicles. Has anybody seen one these creatures before?
  13. LearjetMinako

    We need "best avatar" voting

    We vote on a lot of different things. But I haven't seen "best avatar" voting yet. Some of you guys & gals put up some really weird or funny pics to reprensent you. So if it does go down. Heres my vote. Copperhead85 Ranger Dave (B25)
  14. LearjetMinako

    2011 OKC Car Show

    So today, I went to the 2011 Car Show where most of the car dealers show off their lastest models. Sadly, I was not fully impressed with the selection. But I still enjoyed myself. What was really great, I got to play with my new HD camcorder. So I will be slowly uploading the videos for you...
  15. LearjetMinako

    Heart transplant (oil pump)

    So now that I have your undivided attention. No, I don't literaly mean it. By heart transplant, I mean new oil pump. I find titles like these get peoples attention. This thread is in relation to one of my older threads. But this time, I have gone back in and replaced the oil pump. Also had...
  16. LearjetMinako

    cough, oops!!

    It was just a matter of time before it happened. I got the Ranger stuck in a 2 foot snow drift. The Ranger was doing quite well for a 2wd, then I got guttesy and decided to try to drive through it. Made it one truck length before the chassis and axle bottomed out and I found myself...
  17. LearjetMinako

    A TRS ad that actually saved me money

    My Ranger is in breakdown mode. Soon as I discover one problem, I find another problem. So I have been thinking of my options on trying to save me some money. When I was on the TRS today, I noticed the ad from Advance Auto to get 40% off. Well, I didn't get the 40% off, but I got 20% off on...
  18. LearjetMinako

    Freezing Rain!!!

    So like always, I don't get snow here in Oklahoma. Instead, we get freezing rain. The Ranger drive fine on those ice roads. Just gotta be light on the clutch and even lighter on the throttle. Naturally, 4 paw drive seems to work the best...
  19. LearjetMinako

    T5 flourescent lighting

    I can't seem to find the answer to this out on the web. So I will ask it here for tries. Is there a difference in ballasts for a T5 and T5HO (High Output), in the same wattage? Or are they the same ballast and the T5HO are just rated higher wattage? This is why I'm asking. I'm currently...
  20. LearjetMinako

    Oil leak

    I have been having this oil leak problem for a while. I have so far made three attempts at fixing it. First time, I replaced the main crank shaft seal. Second time, I replaced the oil pump housing seal and replaced the o-rings on the oil pump. Third time, I went back in and applied RTV...

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