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  1. brinker88

    New Air Compressor

    Finally broke down and bought a suitable air compressor for the shop. I went with the 3.7 HP 220v 60 gallon Kobalt compressor. Ran me $499 from Lowe's. Comes with a 3 year warranty with on-site repair. This IS a rebadged Campbell Hausfeld. The shipping label on the box came directly from them to...
  2. brinker88

    Apple Hill 4x4

    Most of you by now have noticed I haven't been on quite as frequently lately. I started a new job 2 weeks ago at my local 4x4 shop here in Muncy, Pa. We do everything from lift kits to lowering kits to fabrication, gear installs, stereo's, spray in bed liners, and everything in between including...
  3. brinker88

    1989 F150 mild restoration build

    I needed a 4x4 truck for the winter while the ranger's under the knife so I started looking for a full size 80-96 Ford truck. I ended up with an '89 F150. Drivetrain consists of a 5.0, 5 speed, and BW transfer case. I picked it up for $825 out the door. Plans are to fix the body up, do a single...
  4. brinker88

    Brinker88's slow SAS build.

    Backstory. My '93 was getting pretty beat up and I was getting tired of fixing the TTB suspension every trip I went out. The motor was getting tired and the trans was an A4LD with an electric t-case. I scored a great deal on a '97 2wd for $300. No rust, one small dent in the cab roof, a 4.0L...
  5. brinker88

    Beech Creek, Pa spring thaw ride (56k warning)

    Me saving my buddy's ass from the rocks
  6. brinker88

    Political Eye Opener.

    This. THIS PEOPLE, IS WHAT I"M TALKING ABOUT. We need to get back to the roots of who we are as people. Who we are as AMERICANS. FYI, this is staged, but it does NOT belittle the message. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16K6m3Ua2nw&feature=player_embedded
  7. brinker88

    Pushrod/Rocker woes

    It's time for me to get new pushrods/rockers. Last time I had it apart they had some pretty good play in them. Unfortunately, I can't get aftermarket hardened pushrods. DeltaCams says they're backordered and don't know when they'll be in and TomMoranaMotorsports says they have to order them and...
  8. brinker88

    Favorite song quotes

    Been on a music binge lately. Some of these songs have amazing lyrics. Post up some you like with the band name and song name. Five Finger Death Punch- Death before Dishonor- To the haters, the takers, the liars, all the vultures and the bottom feeding scum The FCC, the FBI and every tin god...
  9. brinker88

    Dana 44 regear tips & tricks

    Hopefully someone will chime in here 1.) I know I need to make set up bearings out of the old bearings. (and I know that the preload needs to vary between new and old bearings. Approx 6-8 lb/in on old bearings and approx 10-14 lb/in on new bearings, properly oiled) Questions. 1.) Should I...
  10. brinker88

    Interesting Dana 44 3-link idea

    Saw this build on Pirate4x4. Anyone think he'll have problems with the C-bushings coupled with a joint at both ends of his link? Figured I'd share it.
  11. brinker88

    New Pennsylvania offroad park

    Apparently this has been in the works for quite awhile now!!! :yahoo: http://www.anthraciteadventure.com/ 6500 acres.
  12. brinker88

    Long travel TTB suspension with EB coils

    I'm sure by now most have you have at least glanced at my build thread. I noticed awhile back that there was no information about adapting EB (Early Bronco) coils onto the TTB suspensions. I figured I would pass on my knowledge from my build. I started my build by grabbing a set of stock...
  13. brinker88

    MAJOR braking problem

    Okay, so as you all know, Im building a long travel suspension on my ranger. It's about done, but I cant seem to get my brakes back. All brand new lines run, new Explorer master cylinder, and new brake hoses. MC was bench bled and installed properly. All fittings are TIGHT. I've tripple checked...
  14. brinker88

    Rausch Creek offroad meet.

    Couple friends and I are getting together sometime in September for a trip to Rausch Creek Offroad Park in Tremont, Pa. If you're interested, come on down! I will update this thread as plans get down to the nitty/gritty. We still need to figure out a date. We will be sticking to mainly the...
  15. brinker88

    97 Auto transmission problems.

    My old man has a 97 ranger Rwd w/ a 4.0L OHV. We had the transmission overhauled 5 years ago and I did a filter/fluid change a little over a year ago. My problem is it wont shift into gear properly. It takes some fendangling (if you please) to get it to go into drive or reverse. I've checked...
  16. brinker88

    BFG tire recall.

    http://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/voluntarysafetyrecall Thought I'd post this for anyone running this tire.
  17. brinker88

    3 Day sale on RC 9.5 winches

  18. brinker88

    CL find...Road Legal?!?!?

    http://classifieds.pennswoods.net/classifieds/viewad.cgi?adindex=1764027 :icon_rofl:
  19. brinker88

    Tech Library update?

    I've been working on my radius arms now for quite some time. I've asked numerous people here on the site for information which was promptly given to me, for which I am gracious. The extended arms I'm building are out of 2x2 square tubing, which seem extremely popular but is not illustrated as...
  20. brinker88

    Preferance on Joints for Xtended Arms.

    Looking at either Currie Johnny Joints in a forged steel construction. OR Ballistic Fabrications chromoly joint. Both are about the same price with Ballistics actually being cheaper. I know most will say they hate Ballistic, but thats not what I need answered. I need to know which would be...

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