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  1. Alternator Gauge Fluctuates Wildly on Cold Mornings

    It settles down after about a minute of running. I can see the headlights flickering during this time. Its OK for the rest of the day. Cold, around here, is in the 30 degree range. Is this a regulator or brush problem. I must mention that this is an Oreilly's alternator that was purchased about...
  2. Door Hinge Pin Replacement

    What is the best way to do this on a '94? Planning to do the top one first. I will be doing this by myself. What is the best way to support the door? I saw one video where the guy supported the door via a strap to the ceiling. I was thinking about using a 2x4 piece of lumber across the top of...
  3. What Causes This?

    Was parking on a hill( about 10 to 15 degrees). As soon as I switched off the ignition, the brake pedal went hard and the truck began to roll backward. I immediately disengaged the clutch pedal to stop the rolling. Is this a bad master cylinder, bad brake booster, or vacuum problem elsewhere? It...
  4. Clutch Slave Hydraulic Line Leak

    Has anybody experienced a leak on the hydraulic line where the metal line from the master connects to the plastic line going to the slave. Appears to be some sort of a sharkbite fitting. Can I put Ultrablack on it? How much pressure is on the line? Slave unit was replaced about 2 years ago by a...
  5. Anti-Slosh Module Gone Bonkers

    Now, how to get to it. All the instrument cluster removal videos show screws that allow removal of the bezel surrounding the instrument cluster. But mine has NO screws. So, what is the secret here? Thanks.
  6. Dash Removal '94

    OK, I've decided to pull the dash and fix the leak to the outside so I won't get wet carpeting any more. Anybody ever done this on a 94?
  7. Timing Chain Cover Gasket

    Decided to change my timing chain cover gasket on a 94 3.0 Ranger (265Kmiles). I've heard that I may have to pull the pan. (Doesn't look like it to me.) This is an old Vulcan with rotary distributor. I've done a timing chain before (AMC Gremlin 232) and didn't have to drop the pan. Anybody done...
  8. Master Cylinder Bench Bleeding Question

    Can you just mount it up on the booster and use the foot pedal to do the bleeding for you? Then connect up the lines and do the wheels. Just an idea. Thanks.
  9. Alternator pulley size for 3.0

    I think I got an alternator with the wrong pulley for my 94 3.0. What size is on yours? Thanks.
  10. Temporary drivers' seat out of plywood?

    Anybody ever build a temporary seat while the original seat is at the upholstery shop?
  11. Shifter knob shakes violently going over a bump.

    Is that a bad transmission rear mount? Ranger 5 speed. Thanks.
  12. ECT sender readings - OBD1

    Does anybody have the hot and cold ohmmeter readings for the ECT sender for OBD1 (94 3.0V6)? I found some values on the web but I think they were for OBD2. Thanks.
  13. Clutch chirping

    Well, I took my Ranger to a transmission shop for a new clutch slave & master for $675. I don't have access to a lift or I would have done it myself. The clutch disc was not slipping. I get it back and it started chirping upon take off. But now its chirping all the time. Also I am detecting that...
  14. upper intake removal 94 vulcan

    How do you remove the upper intake manifold on a 94 3.0? Looks like the back two bolts are under the distributor. Thanks.
  15. Pedal Pads

    All the pedal pads I see at auto parts stores for my Ranger are incorrect. Does anyone know of a source for replacement pads? Mine measure 2-1/2 inches by 2-5/8 inches. Almost square. Thanks.
  16. Question about Water Pumps 3.0 Vulcan

    There seems to be TWO different water pumps available for this engine. One is like the OEM WP and the vent hole is on the bottom. The other is different in that it has TWO vent holes on the side. It appears to be a little beefier in construction. But I can tell you the seals in both last about...
  17. Low oil pressure reading.

    How difficult is it to change the sensor on a 3.0 Vulcan? The sensor has never been changed in its 254K mile life. Used to read in the middle. Not losing any oil (yet). No valve clattering at all like low oil pressure so I'm thinking its the sensor. Thanks All.
  18. Clutch Slave Replacement

    What is the best brand to use? Don't want to have to change it out again in 2 years. Thanks.
  19. Wet Carpet

    Has anybody ever figured out where the leak is coming from that soaks the carpet in Rangers? I have cleaned out the cowl area and I still get wet carpet on the passenger and drivers side. Gotta be a bulletin on this. Thanks.
  20. Freeze Plug Repair

    Have a friend with a leaking freeze plug on the back of the block. Has anybody tried patching one of these with JB Weld or UltraBlack? Alternatively can you cut a hole in the firewall to facilitate changing it out? Thanks.

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