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  1. 351 clevor build

    Ok, so Im surfing around trying to figure out what parts I need to for my 351 clevor, and Im seeing about 8,000 suggestions and none of them are alike, so can you guys help me out? Im looking to get 375hp out of my 351 windsor. I have 351m heads that are going on, an edelbrock 7183 clevor...
  2. 351 block numbers

    Ok so you just answered the question I got on here to ask lol. I got a set of 351 heads, guy said they were clevelands, but they ended up being 351m or 400 heads. Which is fine, but I have to get a special intake to make those work on my 351w block right?
  3. 351 block numbers

    Those look a little pricey but probably worth it lol. I'm not trying to cram 800 horse into my engine, I'm looking for about 400, but I do know good flow is key. I appreciate your input all!
  4. 351 block numbers

    So if I put Cleveland heads on my Windsor I'll get more power(better flow)?
  5. 351 block numbers

    I appreciate it!
  6. 351 block numbers

    Ok. Thanks! Both your answers were very helpful. I wanted to be sure about the engine block, because I know that certain parts between the Cleveland and the Windsor are not interchangeable without some sort of damage at some point. Now that I know, I can order parts in peace.
  7. 351 block numbers

    What are foundry markings?
  8. 351 block numbers

    Ok so I'm stumped on this one. I have 351 block, on the top of the block, it says 351 CCP24, which would (I think) be 351 Cleveland. Then, the numbers on the side are D9AE-6015-ED-24. Those first four letters tell me that this block is a '79, but Clevelands weren't made after '74. Also, the...
  9. Block boring

    So I got a 351 Cleveland block that I want to get bored over, and I live in northeast Ohio, does anyone know of a place that bores blocks?
  10. Engine swap

    If my questions are stupid I apologize, but I'm still learning so much about these older trucks.
  11. Engine swap

    So yes, it is a 4 speed, (creeper gear 4 speed), and I think that's a np435. I could be wrong, but that's what I've seen. So what you're saying is that my tranny will take just about any engine, but I need to get a different bell housing if I want to use a 351m, or if I go with a 351c/351w it...
  12. Engine swap

    I really appreciate that, that's helpful. I've been trying to find such a list. Thanks for the great information all. I might have to try a 460, because 351 Windsors and Clevelands seem to be scarce
  13. Engine swap

    My wallet is slowly getting there, lol it'll get me about 450 hp in a couple months if I don't blow my whole pay every week. its going to be my summer project. Would the 351 modified bolt up to my bellhousing?
  14. Engine swap

    I'm looking to swap my engine in my 1978 Ford f150, and I'm looking for something singnificantly more powerful, but I don't know what to go with. I'm tossing in between a 351 Cleveland or a 460. Or even a diesel engine if that's possible. I currently have a 300 inline 6 under the hood . I don't...
  15. Is my 4wd synchronized with my transmission?

    That sounds like it would be pretty sketchy! Ive never owned a Chevy but it would be just like them to make 4wd complicated 😂
  16. Is my 4wd synchronized with my transmission?

    Also, what is the purpose of the transfer case having a neutral? If I shift my transfer case into neutral, and then shift my transmission into gear, it does nothing. I'm wondering if there's a specific purpose for that?
  17. Is my 4wd synchronized with my transmission?

    So yeah I do have manual floor shift 4wd with locking hubs, and a np 205, and I'm assuming from what pjtoledo said, that it might not be the best idea to be cruising with traffic and just shift right into 4hi😂
  18. Is my 4wd synchronized with my transmission?

    So yesterday I took my 78 f150 for a test drive after getting a few bugs fixed, and when I came around a corner, I hit a big area of ice, and went slipping and sliding sideways up the road. It crossed my mind to put in 4wd while I was sliding, but I didn't want to because I was always told that...
  19. Tranny fluid type

    My truck was a mudding truck for a long time, and it has been buried up to the cab roof in water and mud but no water got in my transfer case or transmission. Which I was very happy to see.
  20. Tranny fluid type

    No, it was way overfilled

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