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  1. Two piece fenders

    Can anyone tell me the purpose of the two-piece fenders on the new Rangers? It has to cost more than a one-piece stamping. I thought it might just be a styling thing but I saw the same thing on a Toyota SUV and a Kia SUV in the Walmart parking lot.
  2. Remove the antenna???

    I found this little nugget on page 261 of the owners manual: Remove any exterior accessories, for example antennas, before entering a car wash. Do you actually have to remove that shark fin antenna from the roof before you go through a car wash???? :mad: I looked up how to remove it and...
  3. Load capacity?

    I think I was a little overloaded . . . But it made it from Montreal Canada to West Palm Beach Florida :)
  4. Hello from Tennessee

    Just purchased a 2020 Ranger Lariat Crew and could not be more impressed! Magnetic, chrome package, locking diff, trailer package, key pad (why?) and 2WD. Five previous trucks dating back to 1978 Chevy were all 4WD but I now have no desire to go snow-drift-busting, a favorite pastime where I...

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