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  1. Axle ID help

    so A 1999? I have a 2002 truck and the rear was replaced. Last yr I needed a wheel cylinder, it took buying 4 of them to get the right one and for the life of me I can not find the old boxes or paper work. The parts house says I returned the one that I am 99% sure that went on the truck.
  2. Axle ID help

    Sorry I have really tried and now my brain hurts. I really only need to know what year this one is. Thanks
  3. Porting head. Any good tips?

    Jumped off into the 3.0 Go look on that post
  4. Porting head. Any good tips?

    I did mine, TB, Intake, Heads, and manifolds. I lost some bottom grunt by doing so, the lower intake specifically. BUT, in will now peg the rpm gage till it hits the rev limiter @ 5400 and again the speed limiter @ 92 mph. I had to pull the heads due to broken exh bolts. Only reason I did it. I...
  5. Brighter Headlights?

    Can you give us the part numbers for the 9006 replacements?
  6. 2 Questions, been a lil minute

    My AC works awesome, I see that with you fellas awesome explanation and details that my system is working the way FORD designed it. Well dam.... I don't have to like it tho LOL. Thanks y'all, we can always count on y'all. Case Closed :)
  7. 2 Questions, been a lil minute

    It is my belief that AC, Max AC, and defrost should be the only spots it cycles the compressor. So ……. any suggestions on why mine isn't working correctly?
  8. 2 Questions, been a lil minute

    Check the picture, this is the only position that the compressor does not kick on and off. Any other spot and it cycles. Is this correct? If not, how do I fix it?
  9. Curb Weight?

    single cab, short bed, 3.0 5sp 2900#
  10. 4.0 headers on a 2.9?

    Only one sure way to find out. In a normal world too large on exhaust will hurt bottom end power.
  11. defrost and vents trouble

    Now we talkin LOL, thanks fellas, I'll get on it
  12. defrost and vents trouble

    It is 90* at 5am here and 600% humidity, with the AC blowing to the windshield it condensates.
  13. defrost and vents trouble

    That is fully disconnected at this time, for the last 4 months
  14. defrost and vents trouble

    01 truck, the selector switch does work, I can move the air from defrost to face vents to floor etc.… it will swap around. BUT... the defrost never fully closes off and fogs the windshield. Have to put the wipers on every morning just for this. What's the fix?
  15. Improving Engine Cooling

    I have a 3.0 and have the E-Fan. Mine comes on and off with the key and I have a bypass switch to control it my self. I am the only one to drive mine so I stay on top of it and have no issues there. I do not like how H O T it is under the hood. Glad I saw this today. Today I will put the washers...
  16. Gun Racks

    And this is why I asked lol. I'd a never thought of the ceiling area.
  17. Gun Racks

    Where does it come from and what part number?
  18. Gun Racks

    Probably off the normal type post but oh well. I have a single cab 01. Not a whole lot of room. I like it just how it is lol. I know with all you country and 4 X 4 boys here that y'all have and carry guns. How do you store/carry/mount your gun in your truck? The gun in question is an AR-15. I'd...
  19. 94 4.0 Misfire in the rain

    Had the same issue on a 3.0, mine was the coil.
  20. Factory Rims

    What are the widest factory rims that were for our trucks? And the lightest? I am sure they are not the same lol. I want to keep the stock look but need a wider tire on the back. Thanks

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