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  1. Air Shocks?

    Hey guys I want to raise the rear of my truck about half an inch to an inch, could I get air shocks and just fill them up to lift the rear end? Also I will be hauling my dirt bike around this summer and want a little bit more support in the rear rather than the drop shocks. Is this even...
  2. The Truth about Splash Ranger Coil Springs

    What do you think i should do to drop my truck down an inch or two in the front, should i go with the splash springs or get 2" lowering springs? I want the whole truck to be under the fenders :headbang: lol! Here is a pic of how it currently sits: So if i go lower in the rear will i need to...
  3. 89-92 Valance w/fogs on 87 ranger?

    The title says it all, the mounts look the same for the most part but I'm not sure if it is a direct fit or with some modifications. I just want some fog lights on my truck has anyone done this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!
  4. The Truth about Splash Ranger Coil Springs

    Does anyone know if these splash springs will work on 1st gen 2wd regular cab trucks? I've been pondering ideas of how to lower my truck about an inch in the front. If anyone has any knowledge of whether they work or not would be awesome! I can Imagine that they would fit with little hassle as...
  5. How to lower front an inch more?

    I like idea a lot! Will it ride any different? It rides decent now but I guess I can't really make a lowered truck ride any "better or worse" per say lol! Thanks for the feedback:icon_thumby:
  6. How to lower front an inch more?

    That's the other option I was contemplating I'm going to 17 inch Cobra R's this spring so I might just wait and see how they bolt up underneath! Thanks man for feedback!
  7. How to lower front an inch more?

    Yeah it is lowered by the beams but just the stock springs and some drop shocks, in my opinion the rear sits about an inch or so lower could be just me though lol! I want to put some 17 inch Cobra R's underneath it this spring though so I'm not sure if I should lower the front or just leave it...
  8. How to lower front an inch more?

    That's exactly was I was thinking too! Thank you for feedback! Do you kow of any specific types that are good or would any lowering coils be good? I've looked on eBay for lowering springs but I'm not sure if that's the way to go or is there a specific type than springs? Thanks again man!
  9. How to lower front an inch more?

    So i've had my truck lowered for about a year now but in my opinion the truck rides higher in the front, i was just wondering if anyone had thoughts on how to lower the front an inch to make the rear and front flush? I'm not sure on which route i should take to do that! Here's a picture of its...
  10. 2.3t

    Does this deal seem pretty good? http://boise.craigslist.org/pts/2695169711.html Been looking at it for some time now and am very tempted to get it! :headbang: Let me know what you guys think?! Thanks!:icon_thumby:
  11. Some pictures of my 87' Ranger

    Well i should probably introduce myself first. My name is Tyler. I live in good Ol' Idaho. I love my ranger, it's a fun project. 1987 Ranger, 2.3l 5 speed. No a/c, no power steering, no power brakes (we think it was a company truck at one time). Just as plain as could be. Well I'm going to post...
  12. Do i need a Relay for HID kit?

    I have an 87' Ranger... i got a HID kit for Christmas, 8000K, Will i need to wire up a relay so i dont fry the wiring harness, or no relay at all? Any Comments Would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!
  13. Putting Turboed 2.3 in an 87 ranger?

    I have an 87 ranger, 2.3 liter efi, with no powering steering, no a/c, no power brakes, just plain jane truck. i have been looking into putting a turbo 2.3, and was just wondering how hard it would be, and how long it takes (with my dad and i)? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Let's see what's out there....

    Q My 87' Ranger! 3/4 DJM lowering kit...
  15. Let's see what's out there....

    This is my '87 Ranger, this is what it sits like when i bought it. I just got my DJM 3/4 lowering kit. Ill post some pics when i get it on.
  16. Shaving Door Handles?

    Hi, i was wondering how much it would cost and even how or where i would begin to shave the door handles on my 1987 ford ranger? Any Feedback Would be greatly appreciated! Thank You
  17. Will 17x9 Cobra R rims fit on 87 ranger?

    Sorry if this a repost, but i like the looks of Cobra R's and i was just wondering if they will fit on my 1987 regular cab ranger without spacers, or if i need to get some sort of spacer?? I've heard that mustangs and rangers have same bolt pattern 5x4.25 but just need reassurance! Any Feedback...
  18. What do i need to lower an 87' Ranger

    Thanks Man! Do you know where i could find this kit at?
  19. What do i need to lower an 87' Ranger

    I am new to this site and to lowering trucks... so i was just wondering what i would need to lower my 1987 ranger 3 in front and 4 in rear? I've been looking online and i know i would need I-beams and springs but anything else? Any suggestions would help a lot! Thank you!

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