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  1. Tach Not Working

    Hello I Have A 88 Ranger XLT 2.9L V-6 And I Was Wondering Why My Tach Doesn't Work. I Can Shift By Sound But Its More A Thing Of Being Able To See It Than Anything Else. Anyone Know What To Check For Or Do In Order To Fix This ? Also I Think My Speedo If Off But Thats Another Thing That I Cant...
  2. I Feel Stupid But..

    Does It Affect Anything To Drive Around With Your Hubs In The Locked Position ? Because I'm Thinking Of Buying Rims For My 88 Ranger And Most Don't Come With A Missing Center Cap (Well Any That Look Good) Also Does Anyone Know The Specs On The Right Rim Size? Thanks
  3. Help Me Find A Good Exhaust ? Please?

    I Was Wondering If Anyone Could Chime In With Some Suggestions For A New Exhaust System For My 88 Ranger 2.9L A Good Combination Of Deep Sound And Performance Would Be Very Nice. Thanks For Taking Your Time To Look. Hope You Can Help :yahoo:
  4. Speaker Sizes

    Well I've Been Wondering. What Size Speakers Are In The Cab Of A 88 Ranger "Supercab" ? I Wanna Replace Them All With Aftermarket Pioneer Ones So I Need To Know If Anyone Knows The Sizes Of Each Of Them In The Cab. Thanks Very Much
  5. Push Button 4wd? On A 88?

    I Have A 88 Ranger Supercab 4wd (Of Course) With Lock Outs, The Thing Is On The Top Of The Cab It Has Push Button 4wd Indicating "Driving Range?" (Not Sure Its In The Shop Now Needs A New Distributor Is What I'm Told Or Pick-Up Coil) Either Way Is That Push Button 4wd Stock? I Havent Seen Any...

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