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  1. 3.0 4x4 Tranny in a 2.9 4x2

    Well that title should attract enough attention Ok so here is my situation, I have a 1990 2wd Ranger with the 2.9l. As of yesterday my Mitsubishi fm132 tranny locked up on me, now I need my truck back pretty fast, and I should probably just order a reman'd Mazda r1, but that will take too long...
  2. Traction bars

    Ok, so I'm new here, been reading and looking alot, but first time post. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone here has ever made there own traction bars for an early ninety's Ranger. I have a 2WD '90 Ranger with the 2.9 in it, and I need a way to increase my traction. Anytime I corner at low speeds...

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