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  1. Tires locking

    Hey Guys after doing a Rear Diff/Transfer case/Front Diff Swap and adding my 3" body lift i took her for a spin 2wd works great and when transfer case in 4 and 4lo all is good but when it's in 4 and the hubs are locked i get this wired rubbing noise from the front end and when i turn my a few of...
  2. Thanks

    Well I just wanted all you guys on here thanks for giving me the insperation to rebuild my truck and get 1-1 with it the truck belonged to my hunting buddy who passed away a few years ago on his long ride with is new road bike had a heart attack while on it and went down a enbankment and later...
  3. Electrical Issue

    Why would Electrial shut off/start to die on my 88 ford ranger when i give it gas to accelerate my radio dies and the lights dim as if im pulling a huge power load but only when i accelerate i have cheked the battery replaced the + and- power cables and alternator and it seems like it all...

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