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  1. Ranger not starting

    Oooh, one more thing, be careful and watch, there is a detent ball that likes to go crazy when released. John
  2. Ranger not starting

    Almost the same exact symptoms that I experienced. Get it done. Until you open up the clamshell around the steering column and check it, nothing else matters (just like the song). John
  3. Lever Guns Anyone?

    Does anyone own a Henry's Mares Leg (44 mag specifically)? If YES, a review please!!! Thanks, John
  4. SOLD! 'NEW' (re-manufactured) Cardone 30-2671 Distributor

    Just wanted to provide an update. The distributor is SOLD. Thanks, John
  5. Lever Guns Anyone?

    I have 3 lever guns. An 1895 Marlin in 444. A Marlin 336Y carbine youth model in 30-30. A Henry Big Boy carbine in 44 mag. I have harvested quite a few packages of 'venison on the hoof' with those 3 rifles. John
  6. SOLD! 'NEW' (re-manufactured) Cardone 30-2671 Distributor

    Just a quick note to update my post here: I think my Paypal account is working now. Anyway, just an update. Have a great day, John
  7. Can't get it to idle - HELP!

    I'll just put this right here: https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/new-re-manufactured-cardone-30-2671-distributor.196302/ John
  8. SOLD! 'NEW' (re-manufactured) Cardone 30-2671 Distributor

    I have in my possession a 'New' re-manufactured Cardone 30-2671 distributor. What I want for it is the same that I paid for it plus actual shipping cost to it's new owner. What I paid for it: $77 for the distributor...$3 core charge...Tax = to about $5.50 . So that is $85.50 + actual shipping...
  9. Duraspark II Distributor Issue

    Hey Franklin, The short answer to your question is Yes. The Cardone 30-2671 has 2 ports on it. I have a vacuum line running from the inline nipple of the vacuum diaphragm to the 'ported' nipple at the top of the Holley carb I am running. I have static (idle) timing set at 11° BTDC. Just as...
  10. Duraspark II Distributor Issue

    I do not know whether to post this here, as a tag-a-long, or whether to start a new thread. I have been running the Cardone 30-2671 distributor in lieu of the un-obtanium 30-2691 distributor for a couple of weeks now. To the tune of around 350 miles. I offer this up as my own personal...
  11. 1984 Bronco II - 2 Thermostats??? FIXED/RESOLVED Overheating Issue

    A SHOUT-OUT and 2 thumbs up to Uncle Gump for all the help and guidance he has given to me since I joined this forum. (y)(y) Thank You, John
  12. 1984 Bronco II - 2 Thermostats??? FIXED/RESOLVED Overheating Issue

    Hi, John here. I started a thread on Sept. 15 about my '84 Bronco II having 2 thermostats in it and that the engine was overheating/running hot. I have always liked it best when reading through forums, that if someone post up about a problem, once the problem has been resolved, another post be...
  13. Ignition cluster F***

    Hey Uncle Gump, I have to play dumb here (actually I'm not playing dumb), I don't know how to access your profile to find your email??? Tips??? PS: I'm not against suggestions on what pics to take and what pertinent information to provide to lessen the pain for any future users of the...
  14. Ignition cluster F***

    Hey Uncle Gump, I am actually all about helping others. Lord knows I have received enough of it myself. Would you be against me sending you any and all pertinent information and pics and you do the write-up with attached pics. You could set it up any way that you wanted to. I have no need for...
  15. Ignition cluster F***

    I called my local O'reillys Auto Parts this morning. They show no inventory in their warehouse for the 30-2691 or 30-2671. The person I talked to said he would send an inquiry directly to the distributor that supplies their warehouse (that is their protocol) and he would call me back within...
  16. Ignition cluster F***

    I don't know. I just tried to call my local O'reillys to ask that very question and they must be too busy to answer the phone right now. I'll try again tomorrow. I didn't know if it would be of any help to anyone but I snapped a couple of pics of the 671 and 691 side by side so you could see...
  17. Ignition cluster F***

    Exactly the same. The distributors (30-2671 & 30-2691) are replicants of each other. The only difference is the extra nipple on the 30-2671 vacuum diaphragm. John
  18. Ignition cluster F***

    I ordered it on a Thursday and it was there the next Wednesday. John
  19. Ignition cluster F***

    I bought this one at O'reillys Auto Parts last week. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/remanufactured/cardone-distributor-remanufactured/a1c0/302671?q=cardone+30-2671+distributor&pos=20 It is the same as the Cardone 30-2691 that is the most popular for doing the Duraspark conversion, it...
  20. Hi, John here.

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Pics as requested:

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